Top 5 Android Security Tips for Secure Experience

Android is a widely popular platform for mobile and tablet, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. People have been using Android device because this is quite cheap and feature-rich. However, as Android user is more than iOS and Windows Phone users, attackers often try to attack Android devices more than other platforms. You need to be careful all the time. Otherwise, you can get hit by an attacker and eventually, you will start losing your confidential information day by day. On the other hand, your user experience will be hurt, and the behaviour of your mobile will be changing over the time. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should check out some Android security tips. Here are few useful tips and tricks what you can use to get a better user experience.

Top 5 Android Security Tips

There are more other security guidelines what you may need to follow, but these are most common things.

Android security

Do not use third party app resources

Sometimes, you get some websites where they are asking you to download a .apk file to do a particular thing. You can apparently download that app as long as you know what you are doing or you have trust on the resource or website. Otherwise, DO NOT download apps from third party sites. Why do you even need to download apps from other sites when Google Play Store is there for you? Google Play Store is a collection of thousands of free apps. Although not all apps are useful and reliable, most of them are helpful for different kind of people. So, the first tip does not download apps from third party resources.

Manage app permissions

Previously, Android didn’t allow users to manage app permissions. Nevertheless, Android Marshmallow and later version/s enable users to check and manage app permissions. When installing an app from Google Play Store, you might need to allow or accept few things. Or, some apps require permissions to check media files, contacts, or something like that to run smoothly. As long as those apps are reliable, you can give them permissions. But, if you do not have any knowledge about the app, you should not allow that app to synchronize your media files or check contacts and so on.

Do not click on short links

What is a short link? To avoid a long URL, people use link shorteners such as, and more others. They are designed to help people. But few spammers use such links to spread malware in the system. You won’t get the actual URL until you click on that. That means it can open several webpages or popups and more by clicking on only one link. Therefore, it would be better if you can avoid short links.

Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi

We all have mobiles in our hands, and we always want to be connected to the internet to check different things. Whenever we get a free public Wi-Fi, we try to log into that to do certain things such as check email, Facebook messages, etc. However, you should never connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network because it can be harmful to your mobile. Attackers, sitting on the other side, can attack your mobile quickly, and the most frightening thing is there are several tools available on the web to do that thing.

Scan mobile using PC’s antivirus

You should use a malware scanner or antivirus on your mobile. If you don’t want to use a malware, you should at least use a security shield to cover up your loopholes. But, it would be better if you can scan your mobile’s storage using PC’s antivirus. Computer antivirus is much more sturdy and functional to detect malware. Therefore, you will have a better chance to find a malware on your mobile while using that.

Apart from these, you should use a secure screen lock password, should not save passwords in your browser, always log out from certain websites (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.) when leaving your mobile somewhere and so forth.

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