4 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

You want an app to announce the name of the caller, don’t you? I have got a list of best caller name announcer apps for Android.

So, sit back, relax and explore this list.

I know how pleasing it is to know who is calling without peaking at the phone. Without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

You can find many apps on Play Store that offers caller name announcing facility. Yet, I have streamlined the number to four to fetch you the maximum quality.

1.      Caller Name Announcer Pro

4 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

You might think that this app is a premium one, right? No! Even though it has Pro in its name, you can download the app for free from Play Store.

The best thing about this app is the widget it offers, which can trigger the announcing whenever you want. Caller Name Announcer Pro works also as a caller ID that presents the name of the caller on the screen just like Truecaller.

You can set up voice alerts for SMS also. Moreover, this one allows you to play with pitch and speed of the voice.

Install Caller Name Announcer Pro

2.      Caller Name Talker

4 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

Next up in this list of best caller name announcer apps for Android is Caller Name Talker. You are going to find another app with the same name below. For your information, it is completely different than this.

You may not like the user interface. Yeah, not the pretty one among the lot! Still, developers have managed to pack in all the necessary features. The app can announce the caller name, message content and provides some customization options as well.

This one allows you to set up a custom message after the name of the caller too.

Install Caller Name Talker

3.      Speaking SMS & Call Announcer

4 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

Are you looking for a feature-rich caller name announcer app for Android? Then, you are going to love Speaking SMS & Call Announcer. As the name indicates, the app announces both SMS and calls. If you want, it can read out the content of each SMS as well.

You can configure the settings to read the entire phone number of an unknown number or just say Unknown. One of the handy features is the battery level announcer. You can set it to trigger whenever the battery level goes below a specific percent.

The app also has the capability to trigger the announcement only for a specific set of contacts. Moreover, you can disable the app for certain time period as well.

Install Speaking SMS & Call Announcer

4.      Caller Name Talker

4 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

Among all the apps I have shared here, this one has a pro version. Yeah, you can download the free version as well.

Along with SMS and calls, Caller Name Talker can announce any notifications no matter from which app it comes.

The app brings a lot of customization options before you. You can set custom messages before and after the name, decrease ring volume during the announcements, set delay time and more.

There is a cool gesture to stop the announcement, which is to shake the phone while it rings.

Install Caller Name Talker

Wrapping Up

So, you have got five of the best caller name announcer apps for Android. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestion?

If you ask me for the best one, I would go for the last one, Caller Name Talker. It is feature-rich, elegant and I have the option to upgrade as well.

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