Best Cloud Note Taking Apps That You Can Use from Any Device 

In our busy everyday schedule, we often forget many things. From grocery to important work, we forget many things at different times. There are only a few people, who can remember everything at times. If you are one of them, you may not need a taking app. However, if you are opposite of them, here are some cloud note-taking apps that you can use from any device at any time.

What is a cloud note taking app?

There are two types of note taking apps. First, app-based solution. Second, cloud-based solution. If you need to open a website to make a note, that is a cloud note-taking app. Although app-based solutions are more popular in this case, you can use cloud-based solutions as well.

If you are one of them, who want to utilize a different way to take notes, you can check out these following apps.

Best Cloud Note Taking Apps

1. Google Keep

Best Cloud Note Taking Apps

Google Keep is available on almost any device. From Android to iOS, you can download this app on any mobile platform out there. The best thing about Google Keep is this is free. The second important thing is this is powered by Google, which is the web giant and probably the most popular internet company right now.

The user interface of Google Keep is awesome, and you should not find any problem at all. Talking about features, you can take notes about almost anything. The List making facility is available in this tool. The best part about that option is you can make a list and remove them what that work is done so that you can keep the fresh list all the times.

Regarding availability, you can use any device to open and start making notes on the go. Talking about apps, you can download the app on iPhone, iPad as well as Android mobile. This is also possible to download the browser extension.

There is yet another option called themes that help users separate notes by colors. On the other hand, you can upload images to your note so that you can capture anything and put that into a note and keep that thing in mind in future.

2. Evernote


Although Evernote is not 100% free, you can use the free version at any time without any problem. It has some drawbacks, and some of them are as follows-

  • You cannot use the same Evernote account on more than two devices. If you are using the paid version, you can use the same account on any number of devices.
  • You cannot deal with PDF. If you have a paid account of Evernote, you can utilize PDF files.

Regarding features of a free account holder, Evernote is one of the best tools out there and this is even better than Google Keep, when you compare features. However, if you are talking about simplicity, Evernote may not be the best option. But that doesn’t mean that this is bad regarding user interface. Having all the featured well listed, you should not find any clutter on the interface.

It comes with a lot of options to customize the text written in this app. There are few people, who use this tool as a writing app as well. Talking about availability, you can download it on any mobile platform as well as computer platform including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, as well as Web.

The price of this app is pretty nominal. You can purchase the monthly plan for $7.99 only.

3. OneNote

How to Import Notes from Evernote to OneNote

When you blindly believe in Microsoft powered products, OneNote is of the best options for you that you can opt for. OneNote is available for free, and you can download the app on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc. This is meaningless to mention that a Web version is also available that you can use from any device.

Talking about the user interface, it has a great and compact UI. As all the options are well managed, you cannot find any cluttered user interface on this app. The web version loads faster and smoother than any other app.

The list making is a piece of cake on this app. Having the list making capability, you may not find any problem when you need to create list. This is possible to make bullet points as well as numbered list on this app.

The only drawback of this tool is you must have a Microsoft account. Being said that, you should have or email account. Otherwise, you cannot sign into this app and use it accordingly. Being said that, you can use it smoothly without any problem on a Windows device since Windows 10 users often use a Microsoft account to get more customization options.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote for Windows

If you do not like any of the tools above, Simplenote is probably the best choice for you. As the name defines, Simplenote has a simple user interface, and you may not find any problem at all while using this simple note-taking app. Talking about availability, you can download Simplenote for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Meaningless to mention that you can use Simplenote in any browser because of the availability of web version. This cloud-based note taking app is available for free for any number of device. If you want a simple note-taking the app with minimum features, you can opt for Simplenote.

There are more apps out there those you can count in this category. However, these four apps are personally tested, and you can use them without thinking twice.

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