Best File Manager for iPhone to Organize Your Files

There is no doubt that iOS is one of the best mobile platforms, which comes with a lot of free and paid apps. Although Apple has included tons of features in the iOS, they failed to add an important functionality called file manager. Apparently, you can get a Files app in iOS, but that is not enough for many people to organize all the files according to requirements. That is the reason why you should check out these file manager apps for iPhone or iOS.

Best File Manager for iPhone

1] iExplorer

Best File Manager for iPhone

iExplorer is a paid iOS app available for iPhone only, and this is a tiny yet working file manager app for iOS. It doesn’t matter whether you want to check our audio files or documents, you can certainly do that with the help of iExplorer that costs around $4.99. The best part about this application is you can find files based on size. Let’s assume that you want to find all the images those are more than 5MB in size. You can do that easily. Talking about specific features, you will get these-

  • Access files on device or Windows Sharing Files/NAS/FTP/WebDAV Servers/Cloud servers
  • Transfer files/folders/subfolders between device and remote servers
  • Transfer files with Bluetooth between iOS devices
  • Search files in folder/subfolders (support both local and remote servers)
  • Edit Google spreadsheet, download google docs as pdf, Microsoft office document, zip, image, open office document, text files and so on.
  • Embedded PDF viewer, support outlines, bookmarks, and annotations.
  • Embedded CHM viewer, support outlines and bookmarks. Optimized for iPad
  • Embedded ePub reader, support outlines, bookmarks, font style, fast scroll, auto scroll

Another important thing is it comes with passcode locking option. That means you can lock down your files with the help of iExplorer.

2] File Manager & Browser

Best File Manager for iPhone

File Manager & Browser is available for iOS 8.0 or later version, and you can download it for free. The important thing is you can download this file manager app for iPhone as well as iPad. The best thing about this application is it supports various cloud storages including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and so on. In other words, you can get an interface where you can find all the files from various cloud storages and organize them accordingly. The user interface of File Manager & Browser is pretty good, and you should not get any problem using it for the first time. It comes with an integrated music player as well as a PDF reader. You can use them to open Microsoft Office files as well.

3] Files Pro

Best File Manager for iPhone

Files Pro is more likely a document viewer. It doesn’t matter whether your document is in your internal storage or any cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox, you can certainly find that and open them accordingly. Talking about specific features, you will get these-

  • Search the full text of PDF documents.
  • Navigate page thumbnails with our unique quick-scroll bar,
  • Jump directly to a page or browse the PDF’s table-of-contents.
  • Double-tap to zoom into text regions or images.
  • Files will even remember the last viewed page and zoom level.
  • Password protected PDFs are supported.
  • Play single files, or an entire folder of music in Files’ own audio player.
  • Artwork and other metadata are supported.
  • Find files by name in the current folder or globally.
  • Search the full text of PDF documents.

This is also possible to lock down files by a passcode. This is important when you have a confidential file. Regarding the user interface, you will get an elegant UI in this app. If you are interested in this app, you should know that this app is available for $4.99.

4] Documents by Readdle

Best File Manager for iPhone

Documents by Readdle is available for free, and it is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later version. The first thing is UI since it has probably the best UI. Regarding features, you should get all the options to manage all your files you are storing in your mobile. You can save any web page and read them later. Regarding some specific features, you will get these-

  • Import files from your computer, cloud, WebDav or any nearby devices
  • Download files from the Web
  • Store email attachments
  • Save web pages to read them later
  • Manage your files and create folders
  • Zip/ unzip, color tag, rename, etc.
  • Drag and drop files across apps (!). Open two Readdle apps in Split View on iPad* and simply move files between them
  • Share files with friends

Like other standard file manager apps, you can lock down files using passcode. Also, you can get cloud storage support. In other words, you can integrate Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

5] FileApp

Best File Manager for iPhone

FileApp is a pretty old but elegant file manager app available for free and iOS 7.0 or later version. This app is available for iPhone as well as iPad. The user interface of this app is neat and clean, and you should not find any problem using it anytime.

  • USB file transfer to Mac and PC using DiskAid or iTunes File Sharing
  • Robust wireless file transfer to computer via Wi-Fi (HTTP, FTP)
  • Stores any file sent from any third party app (Mail, Safari…)
  • Allows to “Open In…” any compatible app
  • Built-in image editor with many filters and enhancements
  • Instant image sharing to Twitter & Facebook
  • Slideshow
  • Send multiple images via email attachments
  • Import pictures and movies both from Camera Roll and Photo Library
  • Take pictures within FileApp

As usual, you can find an option to password protect your important documents with the help of this app.

That’s all! These are some of the best file manager apps for iPhone. Hope you would like them.

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