5 Best Food and Dining Apps for Android to Get a Better Restaurant

When you are in a new city and getting trouble to find a good restaurant, you may have a couple of options and using your Android mobile can be one of them. If you have an Android mobile, you can easily find a good restaurant near to you. Although Google Maps does show some restaurant you may not get as good result as a dedicated food and dining app would show. Check out these best food and dining apps for Android to find a good restaurant near to you.

Best Food and Dining Apps for Android

1] Yelp

Yelp best food and dining apps for Android

Almost nothing can beat Yelp when it comes to finding the best restaurant for you. This is possible to search for restaurant, bar, coffee places, etc. using this app. You can get detailed review, offerings, delivery, rating etc. All those depend on the search query. You can search for places as well as food and the list will be visible based on your keyword. Not only that, but also you can get pictures of various restaurants. Download

2] Zomato


Zomato is yet another excellent restaurant finder available for Android. It comes with a minimum user interface with loads of features. You can search for restaurant from being anywhere. As a result, you will get the restaurant phone number, dishes, cost, opening hours, proper address, menu, photos as well as genuine reviews by different Zomato users. The app seems to be very easy to use, and neat and clean. Download

3] OpenTable

OpenTable allows users to book almost any restaurant based on your requirements or needs. For example, you need a table for 5 people on a particular date. You can certainly book a table in a desired restaurant if any table is available. In other words, you can search for available table based on date, time and party size. On the other hand, you can get reviews as well as photos in this app. Download

4] Foursquare


You can find the best, trending, news restaurant on Foursquare using the app that is available for Android 4.1 and later version. By downloading this app, you would be able to find the best restaurant for a small or bigger party. It shows trending section where you can find all the trending restaurants based on the location. It appears based on the search, reviews etc. talking about the app, it is quite useful to find the best restaurant. Download

5] TripAdvisor


Not only tourist spots, but also you can find a good restaurant using the TripAdvisor app that is available for free. The user interface seems very uncluttered since all the functionalities are well organized. You can get real reviews, ratings, price, pictures of various restaurants. However, you may not be able to book any table like OpenTable. This is possible to find the best restaurant based on the review, location as well as price. Download

It doesn’t matter what you want to eat for lunch or dinner; you can certainly find the best option for you using these free food and dining apps for Android. Try them out and do let know your review. In case you have faced any problem with this app, you can also inform us.

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