Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

If you are a freelancer or small business owner, who often sells various products online or offline, you might know how important it is to provide an invoice to your customer. Your customer won’t pay you unless you give him/her a proper invoice. To solve that, you can make use of these apps those will let you create invoice within moments. Also, you can track received amounts, outstanding amount and so on with the help of these apps. Not all of them are available for free, but you can get most of them at free of cost.

Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

1] Invoice Mini

Invoice Mini Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

Invoice Mini is a mobile app available for iOS as well as Android, and it lets you create invoice within seconds. You do not have to waste your valuable time to go through countless options to create an invoice. Instead, you can simply open this mobile app, enter requires information and get the invoice within moments. The user interface of Invoice Mini is pretty good, and you should not have any problem creating an invoice for your service and customer. You can save the invoice inside the app or send that to someone via email, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. No matter how many invoices you create, you can find all of them inside the app and hence, it would be quite easier for you to manage them accordingly. Talking about availability, you can download Invoice Mini on Android 4.4 or later version and iOS 11.0 or later version.

Download: Android, iOS

2] Shopify Invoice Generator

Shopify Invoice Generator Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

Shopify is a popular door shipping website where you can find a lot of products to sell. Anybody can create an account with this website and go through some steps to setup a business. However, if you are worried about your invoice, you need to check out the Shopify Invoice Generator, which they provide for free and you do not have to worry about anything else. This is a web-based application you can use to create invoice from being in any country around the globe. It doesn’t matter how many products you want to add in the invoice, you can do so with the help of customized options. On the other hand, you can enter price, your address, customer’s information and more others. Make sure you enter the proper email address since the invoice will be mailed to your entered email ID.

3] Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

As the name defines, Invoice Simple is a simple invoice maker app that you can use from any platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and so on. No matter where you live and how many items you are selling, you can include that in the same invoice and general the bill according to that. You can enter your company’s logo for customization, enter your information as well as customer’s details, invoice number, date, and so on. The main thing in this application is you can enter the tax rate manually. As different countries have different tax rate based on the product you are selling, you can find it quite handy. The user interface of this tool is neat and clean and hence, you should not have any problem regarding that.

4] Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

When you need an invoice maker as well as manager and tracker, you can try out Invoice Ninja, which is a free web-based application that provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. To be specific, it comes with these following features:

  • 100 Clients & Unlimited Invoices & Quotes
  • 4 Professional Invoice & Quotation Templates
  • Brand Invoices with your Company Logo
  • Auto-Billing & Recurring Invoices
  • Integrate 40+ Payment Gateway Options
  • Product/Item Library Management
  • Time-tracker Web Tool &/or Desktop Icon
  • Manage Project & Tasks with Kanban Boards
  • Proposals Creation Tool & Design Template
  • Setup Vendors & [Recurring] Expenses
  • Tax Rate Settings per Line or Invoice Total
  • Alerts when Invoices are Sent/Viewed/ Paid
  • Client-Side Invoice & Payment History Portal
  • Accept Deposits & Partial Payments
  • Multiple Companies Supported
  • Real-time Invoice .PDF Creation
  • Track Client Invoice Views & Logins
  • Support for Google Analytics Ecommerce
  • Setup Credit Card Gateway Fees
  • Invoice & Quotation Emails Delivery Statistics
  • Support Automatic Currency Conversions

All these things are available for free. However, if you want to get more features with unlimited clients option, you can opt for the PRO version that costs around $8/month.

5] Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho Invoice Generator Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

Last year, Indian government rolled out a new form of tax called Goods and Services Tax. If you are operating from India and you need an invoice generator for GST bill, you should opt for this solution called Zoho Invoice Generator. This is very easy to create invoice with the help of this invoice maker app. However, you need to create an account with Zoho so that you can manage everything from one panel. As usual, you can include all the information including your seller details, buyer details, product details, price, date, invoice number and so on. As this is mainly for India, you do not have to worry about the tax rate since it comes with “GST” option.

6] Invoicely

Invoicely Best Invoice Maker Apps for Small Business and Freelancer

Invoicely is a simple web-based application that lets you create invoices within moments. As this is a web-based solution, you can access it from any device or platform including Windows, macOS etc. Although you can get almost all the possible options, it comes with a drawback. You cannot include more than eight items in an invoice. Although you can change the tax rate, you must have to know the rate before billing. Apart from that, Invoicely is a pretty good option for freelancers as well as small business owners. On the other hand, you can get the invoice as PDF and that is the advantage of using this app. After downloading the PDF invoice, you can send it to anyone or store that to your computer or any other storage for auditing purpose or so on.

That’s all! These are some of the best solutions out there those you can use to general invoice for your online business. Hope they would help you a lot.

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