Best IRC Clients for Linux to Chat on Social Chat Rooms

Remember the 90’s popular instant messaging system when there was no Gtalk or Facebook? Yes! I am talking about IRC, which is probably the oldest instant messaging system that is still very much popular for private chats. Nobody can find you until you disclose your identity. All you will share is your public IP address that can be masked using a VPN or proxy. IRC or Internet Relay Chat system was launched 1988, and since then, it gained a load of popularity over the years. The advantage of using IRC instead of other messaging systems such as Slack is you need to consume very less bandwidth even when you will be connected to ten or twenty chatrooms. Nowadays, many hosting providers, gaming forums, etc. have IRC enabled for better communication. If you are using Linux and want to get an IRC client, here are some best IRC clients for Linux that you can use.

Best IRC Clients for Linux

1] WeeChat


Few number of features are available with WeeChat those can let you join IRC chatroom and make conversation with anybody you want, who is available in the same chat room. The primary feature of WeeChat is you can create triggers those work like IFTTT recipe. In other words, you can perform tasks automatically according to your requirements. Another useful feature of WeeChat is you can install plugins, write your scripts in various languages, etc. Talking about the security, you can encrypt your message as well. Talking about the user interface, you should not get any problem if you are a little bit familiar with any IRC client for Linux. Download

2] Kvirc

Although it looks very outdated but features wise, this is probably the best IRC client for Linux. You can create a lot of filters to manage spam, which is unavailable even in many popular IRC clients for Linux. Another useful feature of Kvirc is you can customize it according to your wish. For instance, this is possible to add fonts, change the background color, selection color, change theme, and more. On the other hand, you can set usernames, and this client will let you know when those people are online. Another helpful feature is the double encoding that may help you when you are chatting in a different language. Download

3] Pidgin


Pidgin is a multi-functional client that does support various instant messaging systems such as AIM, Hangouts, XAMPP, MSN, Yahoo and more. Apart from them, you can also use this tool as an IRC client for your Linux computer. The user interface is average. However, some useful features may enrich this product. Apart from having regular chats, you can install numerous plugins those will let you do even more. For example, if you want to block someone or ignore some spam messages, you can install the Ignore extension. Just like that, there are many other plugins including Highlight, KDE Notifications and more. Download

4] Konversation


Konversation is another very useful, light-weight, and feature-rich IRC client for Linux users. It is filled up with several useful features such as manual customization, built-in scripts to share different things like weather information, songs, etc. At the same time, you can have different tools to export links from a channel. Not only that but also you can integrate this app with some KDE applications so that it can synchronize with different apps and let you show other contacts those are using IRC. The appearance of this app is up to the mark. All the features are included in the top menu bar. Download

5] Irssi


Nothing is as good as Irssi because of the features, accessibility, customization, etc. The Irssi looks like other regular IRC clients, but it is equipped with loads of functions. For instance, you can manage all the chats in one single window. This is also possible to make more other windows for different conversations based on your requirements. This is perfect ICR client for a person, who spends a lot of time with Terminal. Like some other IRC mentioned above clients, you can create a script, customize the looks of this app, create modules to do more with this client. Download

If you are serious about IRC chatrooms, here are some free IRC clients for Linux. For a professional, Irssi is the perfect. Otherwise, you can opt for anyone.

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