Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

Joint Photographic Expert Group or JPEG or JPG is a standard image format that is used by digital cameras, mobile cameras, etc. Whenever you need a good photo, which is a portrait or something like that, you can opt for JPG format instead of PNG format. On the other hand, Portable Document Format or PDF is a prevalent file format, which can create a secure document within moments. If you are looking for JPG to PDF converter for Android or PC or online tool, do check out this article, where you can find some of the best tools around the globe.

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

There are two types of JPG to PDF converter available for Android. First one will let you convert the file online and the second category contains some traditional apps. You can opt for any tool mentioned in the following list.


Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

JPG2PDF is a simple yet handy tool available for online tool users. You can access this web app from mobile or any computer you want. This is a simple tool, and it can convert files in bulk, which is an advantage of using this web app. After converting, this would be able to download the file in bulk as well as one by one. The best part is you can combine all uploaded JPG file into a single PDF file. The size of the converted file is not that high as compared to the source file.

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android is another handy website, which lets you convert JPG file into PDF file. It comes with some options. By making use of those options, you would be able to set margin, page orientation, page size, image size, etc. Like the tool mentioned above, you can convert multiple files in bulk. However, the only setback is it takes more time than the first tool. That doesn’t mean it is slow. Like the first one, you can combine all the uploaded JPG files into one PDF file.

I Love PDF

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

I Love PDF is third on this list because of the features and speed. Although the second tool has some of the useful options, this tool has more than that. You can collect the photo from a computer as well as cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. Apart from that, you can set the orientation, margin, etc. This is meaningless to mention that you can convert multiple files at once with the help of this simple and free tool.

Small PDF

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

Small PDF has some similarities with I Love PDF app. That is because it allows users to drop files from Dropbox and Google Drive apart from computer hard drive. After uploading, you can select the size (A4 or Letter), orientation (Portrait, landscape) and margin those are important to make a PDF file look better. Like other tools, you can convert and combine them together. Being said that, it doesn’t matter how many files you upload; you can find only one PDF file containing all the image files.

Free PDF Convert

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

If you do not need any complicated option or you want to convert only one JPG file to PDF file, you can opt for Free PDF Convert tool, which is free but partially. Being said that, you can convert only one JPG file in every 60 minutes. Talking about features, it doesn’t have many options like margin selection, orientation selection, etc. Also, it doesn’t allow you to convert multiple files at a time. However, this is simple and quite useful for them, who do not have many files at a time.

PDF Online

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

Free PDF Convert and PDF Online are almost same, but the workflow or the process is quite different. Talking about similarities, you cannot convert more than a file at a time. However, you can convert multiple files one by one. There is no time barrier. After converting the JPG file, you can either view it in the browser window, or you can download the file accordingly. Not only JPG file but also you can convert PNG, BMP, GIF files as well. Make sure you do not have Adblock extensions enabled in your browser. Otherwise, it won’t work correctly or at all.

Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android is probably the most advanced tool in this category, which allows you to upload files from a local hard drive as well as Google Drive and Dropbox. On the other hand, you can collect file by entering the exact URL that file is located on any other website and you do not want to download the image. After converting, this is possible to download the PDF file to your mobile or computer. Also, you can save the converted file in Google Drive or Dropbox if you authorize it to use. The user interface is neat and clean. Hence, you can use this tool to convert multiple files at once.


Best JPG to PDF Converter for Android

JPG to PDF is another quite useful tool that comes with all the features of a standard converter. Being said that, you can select page size, margin, page orientation, retention time, etc. If an image doesn’t get rotated, you can force it to do so. On the other hand, you convert multiple files at a time, which makes it even better. The only disadvantage of this tool is this is quite slow as compared to other tools like mentioned above. The user interface is quite old-school, but it does the job pretty well.

Best Apps to Convert JPG to PDF on Android

If you do not like to use the online apps for converting JPG file to PDF, you can try out these following methods, where you need to download an app to do the same job.

Google Drive

You can use Google Drive to convert JPG to PDF on Android. This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. The best thing is you may not have to download another third-party app since Google Drive is an inbuilt app on almost all Android mobile. Therefore, at first, upload the file to Google Drive and click the Options > Print.After opening the JPG file in the Print window, click the Options > select Save as PDF.

Best Apps to Convert JPG to PDF on Android

Following that, you need to select the number of copies, paper size, color, orientation, etc. At last, click the Print button to save it to Google Drive.

Image to PDF Converter

Best Apps to Convert JPG to PDF on Android

This is a simple Android application, which is available for Android 2.3.3 or later version. You can download this app and convert JPG file into PDF within moments. After installing, open an image in the app and choose the corresponding option to make the conversion. The highlight of this tool is you can convert multiple files at a time. Download

Image to PDF Converter

This Image to PDF Converter is much smarter than the one as mentioned earlier since it comes with a lot more functions than that. Talking about features, you can convert more than one files at a time. Not only that but also you can set a password to PDF file, choose compression level to reduce file size and more others. The user interface is also elegant. Regarding compatibility, you can download this converter app on Android 4.1 or later version. Download

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