Best SMS Apps for Android to Text Better

Android developers have made different types of apps and “SMS APPs” are one of them. We all use SMS out lovable people to communicate with them. Although the offline SMS method is quite old but at times, we need to use that. Nowadays, instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. have replaced old SMS apps on your Android mobile. However, there are still some better SMS apps than your native app. Here are some of them. Do check out the list of the best SMS apps for Android.

Best SMS Apps for Android to Text Better

1] Google Messenger


Google Messenger is not too old SMS app for your Android device. However, it works pretty good on latest Android device, it is available on older Android versions, though. Google Messenger has a slick material user interface that comes with some useful features. Obviously, you can text your contacts with the help of Google Messenger. Apart from that there is faster sharing, easy search, and some other options such as audio message, emoji, stickers and more. On the other hand, you can get location sharing, which is generally unavailable on native SMS apps of Android. As this messenger app is developed by Google, there is always a trust factor works behind the scene. Download
2] Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is yet another Google-powered SMS app. The updated version of Gtalk not only allows users to talk to Gmail connected people, but also it can synchronize SMS on your mobile. You can get an option to synchronize your SMS and replace the Message app of your Android mobile with Google Hangouts. Like Google Messenger, you can get emoji, stickers and threaded conversations on Google Hangouts. This app is available on almost all Android mobiles since this is being managed by Google itself. Therefore, there is no lack of availability. Download

3] Textra SMS (free, in-app purchase)


Textra SMS is also a free SMS app available for Android 4.0.3 and later version. Being available for the latest versions of Android, you can find a material design in this app. Talking about the features, you will get a beautiful color combination or user interface, loads of emoji, etc. The best part is this is compatible with Android Wear, Android Auto, Mighty Text, PushBullet and more. The simple user interface is customized with several essential features and some of them are mentioned above. This is also possible to copy a particular text in a particular SMS and send that to someone else from Textra SMS app. Download

4] Pulse SMS (free, in-app purchase)


Pulse SMS is another free SMS app for Android that will let you text faster and being in a better environment. Pulse SMS is available for Android 5.0 and late version. Therefore, this is needless to mention that you do not need to worry about the user interface. Regarding features, you will get group messaging, night mode, GIF support, conversation archiving, schedule sending and more others. However, you need to purchase the app. There are several pricing tables. You can either purchase it in monthly basis, which costs around $0.99. you can also purchase it for lifetime for $10.99. this is a onetime fee. Download

When you are bored with the native Android messaging system, these apps can really help you with this problem. You do not need to worry about the availability since they are available on almost all latest Android versions.

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