Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

PDF or Portable Document Format is a well-known, handy, and secure file format that you can find almost anywhere. Let’s assume that you are going to get an admission at a university, and the authority has sent you a PDF file that you need to fill out with your details. At such a moment, you can use these tools to fill out a PDF application form quickly. As it is not possible to edit a PDF file without software, you should check out these utilities to get the job done.

Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

1] Microsoft Word

Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

Microsoft Word is probably the best tool that can do your job effortlessly. If you already have the Microsoft Office package, you do not have to worry about anything. However, if you do not have it already, you need to purchase the subscription. Before seeing the second option, you should check out the pricing and compatibility. Microsoft Word is a multi-functional tool that offers the countless amount of features for writers. No matter whether you are a student, office employee, or anybody, you can use this tool to get started with your writing. If you are using an old version of Microsoft Word, you cannot get this feature, but the latest version (Office 365) users can edit PDF files in Microsoft Word without any problem. Find deals

2] Google Docs

If you do not like to use Microsoft Word because of the price, you should know about Google Docs. As the name suggests, Google manages this online tool, and you can perform a lot of tasks for free. No matter whether you have Google One subscription or not, you can find all the editing functionalities in the Google Docs. As this is an online tool, you need to upload the file first to your Google Drive account. Following that, you can open it in Google Docs like you can edit PDF files in Microsoft Word. As it supports various add-ons, you can get more options while filling out a form in Google Docs. The user interface of Google Docs is uncluttered, and that is why you should not have any problem to fill out any form.

3] PDFelement

PDFelement is a paid software, and Wondershare makes it. As the name defines, this tool is a PDF editing software that is compatible with Windows Vista and all the later versions, including Windows 10. Before opting for the paid version, you can try out the free version so that you can know if this tool is made for you or not. The user interface of PDFelement is very clean, and all the options are well-organized. No matter if you want to create a new PDF file or edit an existing file, you can use this software to get your job done within moments. The standard version of PDFelement costs around $6.99/month, whereas the PRO version costs $9.99/month. If you are going to edit a PDF file, this is recommended to go for the PRO version instead of Standard edition. Check pricing

4] PDFBuddy

Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

PDFBuddy is an online PDF editor, and that means you can use it on any platform. No matter if you are using a Windows or Mac computer or Android or iOS mobile, you can open up the website, upload your file, and start editing. It does all the tasks efficiently so that users do not need to spend much time when they are in a hurry. It has some basic editing options to write or edit text, which is quite crucial while filling out an application form. When you are writing down your private information on a third-party website, you should check out the security. For your good luck, PDFBuddy offers AES-256 bit encryption so that the uploaded files always have a security layer. The best thing about this tool is that you can move your new text to adjust to the form. Some forms do not have much space, or a simple line of text can break the whole form. Such a thing doesn’t happen with PDFBuddy as they allow you to move the text wherever you want. Check website

5] PDFescape

Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

PDFescape is yet another online tool that offers a lot of features for the users’ benefits. The free version of this tool has some limitations, whereas the paid version doesn’t create any barrier for you. The main advantage of using the paid version has a bigger file size limit. Otherwise, your file should not exceed more than 10 MB and 100 pages in total. You can create a new PDF file, edit an existing file, fetch a file from the internet/website, get previously edited files, etc. The editing panel of PDFescape is pretty good, but it has some advertisements (for free account holders) that might distract you from the editing pane. Otherwise, you can perform almost all the tasks like other standard PDF editing tools. Check website

6] Adobe Acrobat DC

Best Tools To Fill Out A PDF Application Form

Although those days are gone when PDF and Adobe Reader was internally integrated into each other, you can still find it pretty useful. Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid tool, and it does pretty much everything you want to do. It offers a “Prepare Form” option that is made for this purpose only so that users can perform the task swiftly. The user interface of this tool is clean, even though it offers a lot of options to manage and edit PDF files. You can download this software on a Windows computer and start filling out your form on the go. Download

I hope these tools will be helpful for you to fill out a PDF application form.

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