Best Websites To Track And Check Movie And Web Series Info

There is a very low amount of people who do not watch movies or TV series. Nowadays, almost everyone watches movies, TV shows, web series, etc. on various online video streaming sites and television. If you are an avid movie watcher, and you want to track every information related to a movie, TV show, web series, actors, etc., you should check out these websites to get that done. Although a simple Google search can help you a lot, it is quite a time consuming since you need to consolidate all the details manually. That is why you should check out these sites, where you can find all the information under one roof.

Best Websites To Track And Check Movie And Web Series Info

1] IMDb


IMDb or Internet Movie Database is probably the most popular, biggest, and easiest to use website where you can find every detail of any movie and web series. No matter whether it is an American film or Chinese, you can indeed see that on the IMDb website. There are several essential things about this website-

  • Top list of movies
  • Top rated movies/shows
  • Celebrity information
  • Movie information
  • Trailer
  • User rating
  • User review

And many more. If you haven’t watched a movie and you want to watch it on Netflix or somewhere, you can read some reviews. There is no need to do a Google search for that. People and not bots make all the reviews. Therefore, you should get an honest review on this website.

2] Rotten Tomatoes

Best Websites To Track And Check Movie And Web Series Info

If you do not like IMDb, but you like to have a website like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes is probably the best one you can find on the internet. From rating to review, you can get everything on this website. The best thing is you can check the trailer, scenes, photos, cast, casting details, related news, etc. on the same page. In other words, if you open Rotten Tomatoes, there is no need to use any other tool as this is a one-stop solution. As usual, you can search for various films, shows, actors, etc. and get the related information accordingly.

3] Letterboxd


If you want to create a list of movies you have watched so far, you can do that on Letterboxd website. This is a straightforward yet handy website that lets you add videos to your custom list and share it with others. If you do not want to create a list, you can also find the details, trailer, reviews, cast, etc. information of any movie. Apart from that, you can read some reviews so that you can know whether a film is suitable for you or not. The best thing about this tool is you can find different sources where you can watch a movie online. For example, you can find Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

4] The Movie DB

The Movie DB

If you like the concept of IMDb, you will undoubtedly like The Movie DB. The Movie DB is a simple website, which contains all the essential information a movie freak wants before watching a movie. From DC or Marvel, you can find every superhero movie on this website. Not only that but also you can find more other films on this website so that you can track them accordingly. Apart from the poster, you can find reviews, casting details, scenes, etc. on the same page. As only people with an account can share a review, you cannot find any spam review on this website.

There are tons of other websites that work the same way. However, these four are the best in terms of the list of available movies, features, etc.

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  1. Eren Yeger says:

    This list feels outdated, give me old 2013 / 2012 vibes. Newer sites like SIMKL / MyAnimeList / Justwatch and few more are missing.

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