How to boost WiFi signal: 5 Tips to Boost Wi-Fi Connection

Everyone in this tech surrounded the world can’t stay away from technology for a single moment. What’s the reason for this addiction? Probably it is the internet. The Internet, nowadays becoming a need for everyone. The Internet is everywhere, in schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, etc. But, why do we use the internet? Of course, to reduce the time and complete tasks faster than doing manually. These places and many public places use a WiFi connection. Everything takes the time to fetch out completely. Many people use the internet for a long time. However, frequent use of the internet can result in a slow connection. Maybe you are suffering from a slow internet connection. Slow internet speed is the major problem for everyone, not only for you. How to resolve this issue? You can boost WiFi signal to get improvements. Learn, how to boost WiFi signal with these five awesome tips.

5 Tips to boost WiFi signal

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With the advancement of technology, new changes occur, and the best technical change in my geeky environment is the introduction of WiFi. WiFi, let’s you do many things. The Internet can be only used on one device at a time. However to use it on multiple devices the role of a WiFi occurs. Through WiFi, you can browse the Internet from any corner of your home on your favorable screen. But, the cranky thing with a WiFi or an internet connection is the slowing down of its speed. So, obviously, if this also happens to you, you will think to boost WiFi signals.

When you get slow WiFi connection, then some strange or funny questions might pop-ups in your mind. For instance, they are, Who is using my WiFi connection secretly? Shall I make a call to the service provider? Is my WiFi router not working properly? Is there is an urgent need to replace the router? Would I have to change my Internet Service Provider for a real connection? What can I do to boost WiFi signal?

To get answer to all these questions you can continue your reading. There are mainly two reasons behind the slowing down of an internet connection. The very first reason can be that you have a poor internet plan. So, change it as soon as possible, if you want a good WiFi connection. The second reason can be that some internal or external errors in your WiFi router are holding the speed.

I can’t help you with getting a good internet plan. However, I can you help to fix the external errors obstructing your WiFi connection and making it slow as a snail. Before digging deep for solutions, you should be aware of what kind of case is happening with you. Because if you don’t know the exact reason then this guide will be a waste of time for you. Many people use WiFi booster apps. But, let me tell you these apps are only fooling you and getting a bulk amount of money from your downloading. According to me, to boost WiFi signal you need to make some physical changes with your WiFi’s router. Let’s find out what are those physical errors behind a poor signal and what are the solutions for it.

Place the WiFi router in a correct position

The very first reason behind a poor WiFi signal is the improper placement of the WiFi router. Almost every WiFi router works by imparting radio frequency. As your WiFi router may be placed in your home, then it will be difficult for the mechanism to transmit radio waves crossing through the walls. They will get transferred but, as a result, you will get a poor connection and slow speed. To boost WiFi signal, you should keep such objects away which can block radio waves. Concern this as the most significant matter.

Keep away WiFi router from walls and metals objects

Also, make sure that there should not be an object with a metallic body near your WiFi router. They are the enemies of a good WiFi connection because of this a fact that Metal objects tend to absorb the radio waves.

Keep Electronic Devices away

Houses are filled with lots of electric appliances which from your point of view is good as they lower down your workload. But, at the same time they are the cause of a poor WiFi connectivity. I am not motivating you or manipulating you to throw these things out of your house. Just try to keep them away from your WiFi router. Most of the WiFi routers are controllable at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz. Unfortunately, many of the electronic appliances are operational at the same frequency. Due to this, you can have a poor WiFi signal. To own a good WiFi connection, you must check the frequency of electronic devices in your home if you get the same frequency as of your WiFi router then you have to remove one of them from the location of where your WiFi router is placed.

Place your WiFi router at a higher altitude

The two tips which I discussed above to boost WiFi signal takes much time. But, this can be called as the best tip as of now although not important as the first one!

WiFi router placed at a high altitude

It will be great for you to put your WiFi router at a higher altitude than the current height. Now, you will think that why I have said this? Simply because a great height determines the less disturbance between the transmission process. Another reason is that many of the WiFi routers incline to impart the signal in the downwards direction. Hence, for the faster transmitting higher altitude is an absolute requirement for great signal quality.

Fix the antennae in Perpendicular

Found this weird because of the heading? But, trust me, this works. WiFi routers which are coming in markets and bought by the customers have two antennae for improved signal transmission. Many users kept both of them slightly diagonal in opposite directions just to make them look cool.

Fix antennae in Perpendicular

However, to boost WiFi signal, my friend, you have to make them perpendicular. Don’t want to this? Sounds creepy? To boost WiFi signal, this is necessary. WiFi signals work perfectly when the antennas are parallel to their internal antenna, and it is done when the external ones are kept perpendicular to each other. To get the most out of your internet speed. Perform this.

Use a WiFi signal extender

If you have tried many tricks and nothing works including the tips which I have suggested, then this is the last option to boost WiFi signal.

WiFi Range Extender

Many times, people wants WiFi coverage in a huge area. It is not possible except using WAN and MAN connections. But, here what it comes? You can use a WiFi range extender to purify your internet connection and get a good signal out of your WiFi router. But with these advantages, there is a demerit of this tech piece. You will face a reduction in internet speed.

Many WiFi range extenders are available online and offline. My personal suggestion will be the WiFi range extender from NetGear. With this link, you can order one.

Final Words

These are the five tips you can follow to boost WiFi signals. This list is created while having a personal experience with this kind of poor WiFi signal issues. You must implement all of them to get an increase in WiFi range and connectivity. If nothing works then, you can describe your exact problem using the comment box below.

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