How to See Follower Stats and Bulk UnFollow Inactive Twitter Followers

There are web-based tools to unfollow Twitter followers in bulk but a good idea would be to first see the activity and tweets of your followers and then decide whom to remove from your following list.

The Follow / Unfollow game is an ongoing process and with time the following list grows. That’s when you need tools to remove inactive followers or those who aren’t following you back.

Manage Flitter – Filter Inactive, Active and Quiet Twitter Followers

Manage Flitter lets you remove Twitter followers who are inactive and haven’t tweeted for a long time. After logging in with your Twitter username and password, you will see 4 tabs to begin the cleanup process.

Bulk UnFollow Inactive Twitter Followers

Remove inactive followers in bulk: This tab lists all the inactive followers whom you are following. Hovering over a profile shows the last posted tweet along with the date, following and follower count.

Remove most active followers: There will be some followers who tweet quite often and may be, the tweets do not match your interest. Using this tab, you can get rid of the “Noise” and unfollow those who post a huge number of updates every day.

Unfollow people who aren’t following you back: If you want to unfollow those people who aren’t following you back, switch to the “Not Following Back” tab and you can bulk unfollow all of them in a click.

You can export the follower list as a CSV file and deselect verified Twitter accounts. The CSV backup of your followers is a new feature and I haven’t seen such an option in other web-based Twitter Apps.

Tweepi – Bulk Unfollow Twitter Followers Based on Stats

Tweepi shows you detailed follower stats so that you can see the recent activity and remove the followers who are less active. You can choose from one of the following preset targets:

  • Active users (no. of updates last 7 days).
  • Higher reach or influence (Retweets).
  • Twitterers who discuss much (compare replies).
  • Higher followers to following ratio.
  • Avoid linkless ramblings.

Each target will show/hide relevant columns and sort accordingly.

You can sort the people who are most active or influential and quickly unfollow spammers. One limitation of this tool is that the stats are limited to only last 7 days. (also read: Twitter tools that save you time.)

TwerpScan – Manage Twitter Contacts

Similar to Tweepi, there is Twerp Scan which generates a report of all your followers with the following fields:

  • Follower to Following ratio.
  • Date of last tweet
  • Number of tweets.

You can mass unfollow followers as well as block individual followers using Twerpscan. The user Drilldown feature looks really impressive and is a must use for Twitter addicts.

What’s your favorite bulk unfollow tool to manage Twitter followers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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