Three Tips to Capture Better Photo using Mobile [For Beginners]

Photography is a type of art. There is a connection between photography and photo editing. You must have acquaintance of both two subjects to get an enhanced consequence. The more you can visualize, the better your photo will be. That means only a DSLR camera on your hand and Photoshop in your PC cannot do anything until you have good imagination power. Otherwise, you cannot start editing an image.

Three Tips to Capture Better Photo using Mobile

These days, people often use mobile camera to click happy moments. On the other hand, nowadays, mobiles also have decent camera. You can easily get 8-megapixel camera on your hand if you can spend minimum $250 to purchase a mobile.

Nevertheless, the myth is identical for mobile camera. You cannot capture an exceptional image unless you have good imagination power. Apart from the imagination, you should be acquainted with all the features that your mobile has. Otherwise, you cannot tap on the shot button. Consequently, today I am going to mention only three points that you should keep in mind while capturing a photo using mobile camera.

Don’t Zoom Too Much


Sometime, we need to capture a photo from far away. Therefore, this is obvious that you will zoom in to capture something from far away. That is where mobile camera cannot stand out. Usually, mobile cameras have Digital Zoom, which is not as good as Optical Zoom. If you zoom in, your photo will be blurry and the overall experience would be bad. Obviously, you can capture the photo but it will not be good.

It would be better if you do not zoom in to capture something or skip that moment when you are using a mobile camera. On the other hand, if you will go to edit an image, it would be even worse. May be you have 8 megapixel or 13 megapixel camera but eventually, they are comprised with Digital Zoom.

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Focus is First


Before buying a phone, you might have checked the features. If YES, I am sure that you have noticed a word called Autofocus/Manual Focus. But, do you know the difference between Manual Focus and Autofocus? NO? let me explain.

Manual Focus

Generally, mobiles have two types of focus modes in the camera. This is very simple to understand these terms. When you need to focus on a particular element, you can use Manual Focus.


When your camera focuses on something automatically, it becomes autofocus.

Which is better?

Both of them are good and work beautifully. But, you have to choose one focus mode according to the situation.

Autofocus is better than Manual focus when you need to capture something that is moving continuously. You do not have to spend the time on focusing. Your camera will do it automatically.

On the other hand, Manual Focus is better when you need to capture a very small object that belongs to a comparatively large object, portraits, action photography and low light photography. In this mode, you can result is better.

Therefore, focus on the object before snapping a photo. This is must. Otherwise, the image would be blurry.

Capture in Normal Light


Most of the mobiles have dual LED flash, single LED flash and so on. However, have you ever compared images those are captured with flash and without flash? Do it once. You will get huge intervening space. Obviously, flash is good in low light but this is not so good for professional photography. Have you have seen a wild life photographer to capture photo with flash? You cannot find. Flash irradiates a precise part of your image. Ultimately, it makes other parts little bit dark. Hence, you will get problem while editing.

Bottom Line

There are more other things what you should keep in mind all the time. However, these aforementioned points are the basic things and much helpful for beginner as well as professional photographers.

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