How to Check Username Availability on all Social Networking Sites at once

Blogging has turned into a well-known term in today’s internet world. Six out of ten people are familiar with blogging. At least they do know precisely what is a blog. In case you are contemplating to get started on your website, here is a great suggestion for you. Let’s assume that you are setting up your company’s advertising and marketing presence. At such point, you should have a relevant username to your company name or company’s website name so that your clients can easily recognize your social profile.

This same thing is extremely important for any novice blogger or new ecommerce business owner. He or she must confirm the availability of certain username on different social networking websites that is highly relevant to the actual business name or website name.

However, it is much time consuming work to open various social networking sites individually and check whether your desired username can be obtained or not. It could possibly waste a lot of your valuable time. That is where Namechk comes in. Namechk is probably the finest cloud based apps for this specific purpose. It helps users to check whether a username is available on all social networking sites or not at once. That means, you just need to enter your desired username and NameChk will do it’s job on behalf of you.

How to check username availability on all social networking sites at once?

NameChk appears to be pretty helpful at such circumstances, what are explained previously. This is actually a free username checker, which even doesn’t require any register. It means, this is an open up and get result based tool. For getting started, just go to NameChk website and enter your required username in the empty box.

Namechk username checker

After that, hit the Enter button or click on Chk button. By default, it searches for the username availability on 82 sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogger along with WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIN, Hulu, Vimeo, StumbleUpon, devianART etc. But, it has more sites, where it can check. To enable them, just click on Show All (157) button.

This is also possible to export the search result. Although, it doesn’t offer any Excel spreadsheet or anything similar to that, yet, this is possible to copy the search result to the clipboard. To do so, just click the Export button.

If you have any iOS device, you can use this application on that by downloading the NameChk app. The official NameChk app is available for iOS 4.3 and later version. The app is very easy to use. Just download it, enter your username and get result on your screen.

Final Verdict

This is very important to check the username availability before registering your company or buying your domain name. Some time it takes a huge amount of time to get the social preferences for having a different username.

On the other hand, NameChk is absolutely free. Therefore, there is nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for you.

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