Adds Cartoon Effects To Your Pictures

Do you want to add a cartoon effect to your pictures? Do you want to convert an image into it’s cartoon version, ready to be used as a profile image on your Facebook or Twitter account?

You don’t need knowledge of advanced photo editing applications like Photoshop or Gimp and neither you need to download any software or install any browser extension.

Simply head over to and upload an image of yours. A portrait or a close focussed landscape image works just as fine.

When you are done uploading an image from your computer, you may choose between different cartoon samples already available at the website and apply a cartoon style effect to your uploaded picture. Once the cartoon effect is in place, you can download the final cartoonized version of the image on your computer.

Convert Your Photos To Cartoon Characters

The website is much similar to Befunky which lets you turn your photos as cartoon avatars but the advantage is that there is absolutely no editing required. Even a 5 year old kid can create a cartoon image using any of his photos, all he needs to know is how to fire up a web browser and use the “browse” button to upload an image from his computer’s hard drive.

2011 is kicking in shortly, so it’s time to create a funny looking comic strip using different cartoonized photos of yours and family members and upload them on free image sharing websites, Flickr or Picasa web albums. The site is well suited for kids and small children, no signups or registrations are required. Give this a try !


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