Create Quick Self Destructing Presentations, Landing Pages In Minutes

You have to create a presentation really quick and you do not have the time to load a full blown presentation making software e.g Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote. You also want to upload your presentation on the web and want to ensure that the presentation gets deleted within a week and is not available anymore for public viewing.

You do not want to upload it on document sharing websites such as SlideShare, Scribd since your presentation is for a client or a business meeting and you do not want widespread distribution of your content all over the web.

What is the best way to quickly create presentations or slide decks from the web such that they are automatically destroyed after a given period of time, without you having to worry about deleting it manually, signing up, remembering yet another username / password combination?

Enter Tackk – a simple yet brilliant web service which lets you create presentations and online portfolios that self destruct after a given time period. They don’t require you to create an account and you can finish your 3 slide deck within a minute, publish it and embed the deck anywhere, your website for example.


I am embedding a Tackk which I created in less than 30 seconds.

Using tackk is pretty straightforward. Visit the website, choose a theme, fill in your content, add images and you are off to publish your content within a minute.

Here are all the things you can do with Tackk

  • Blank Canvas – This is perfect if you want to share just an idea and want that idea to be destroyed after some time. Create an ideapad, write whatever you want, add photos, videos and create your idea deck. Send it to your recepients and after a week, your idea is not accessible anymore.
  • Class assignment – This option is suitable for people who want to note class assignments in real time, send it to themselves via email and then forget about it.
  • Events:  This is perfect if you have something to announce and you need a create a quick landing page for your announcement. You can add web forms and collect data in your email address, this is perfect for small business owners who would want to create a landing page for free and use that landing page for a momentary basis e.g a week or so.

The catch here is that if you do not sign up for an account, your content will be destoryed after a week. If you create your account, your content will be preserved.

Personally I like the no frill registration free way to create presentations, landing pages and announcement pages on the fly. Need to write a blog post? Tackk got you covered, you don’t have to setup a blog just for the sake of writing and sharing.

The best thing regarding Tackk is that the end result is visually appealing and usage is dead simple and not clunky in any direction. In their own words – its a ridiculosly easy way to create and share anything on the web.

Watch this video to learn how Tackk works

Tackk from Tackk on Vimeo.

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