How to Customize [Almost] Anything of Windows

Windows has several versions and almost all of them are much popular across the world. Except Windows 7 and earlier versions, almost all latest versions of Windows are pretty similar in terms of looks and features.

How to Customize [Almost] Anything of Windows

This is true that a company cannot make all the people happy with one or even multiple products. There would be at least one person, who will not love a product for its appearance or something like that. The reason is really small. Hence, the solution is small too.

If you do not love any of icon or color combination of Windows 7 and later version, this app will let you change it within seconds. This awesome free application is known as CustomizerGod and it has tons of features to customize Windows icons and computer branding.

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Take a deep look into CustomizerGod

This app has been developed by Door2Windows and it is truly an amazing app. you will get all types of options in one place. Hence, you can do something faster. All the features are managed in different main categories. Now, here I am going to demonstrate most important tabs one by one.

Start Button


This tab will help you to change the color combination of Windows start menu that is available in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview (as of now). You can change the normal button color as well as hover & pressed button color.

Charms Bar

You know that Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview has Charms Bar that displays various buttons including Search, Share, Start menu, Devices, Settings etc. If you want to change the color of those buttons, just head over to this section.

General Icons


Windows offers tons of icons for adding to a folder, files etc. so that you can recognize it quicker. If, you want to make a slight change in those icons, here you go.

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Volume Tray Icons

In the system tray, Windows shows different icons including Volume, Network etc. If you want to change the color scheme of volume icon, head over to this tab.

Alike Volume Tray Icons, you can also change Network Tray icon as well as Action Center icons.



Different laptop brands show battery level using different icons. But, you can change it using this Battery section. You can change every level one by one.

Shut Down Windows Branding


Windows shows a Windows logo while shutting down your PC. No matter which version you are using, but you will get Windows version name and Windows logo on your monitor. If you want to change the shut down branding logo, this tab is for you.

Logon Screen & Logon Screen Branding

From the Logon Screen tab, you can customize the icons of lock, image lock etc. On the other hand, from the Logon Screen Branding section, you can do similar to the Shit Down Windows Branding section.

Time & Date

Windows can show the date and time in calendar and clock respectively. If you do not like the default Windows Clock, you can change the color scheme from here.

CustomizerGod Settings


Apart from all those aforementioned features, this is also possible to do the following things using CustomizerGod;

  • Restore All System Files using SFC
  • Restore System File using SFC
  • Restore System files from backup
  • Retake system files backup
  • Run, restart, exit, and force close Explorer
  • Clear Icon Cache

& more others. All those above-mentioned options will help you to repair your PC if any settings create problems.

Keeping everything in mind, this is confirmed that CustomizerGod is really a god of customization. Every Windows personalization lover should have this tool in his or her PC.


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