How to Disable Facebook Places Permanently

Facebook introduced a “Places” feature back in 2010 which lets users share their location with their friends whenever they post a status update, upload images, comment or do other activity on their Facebook profile. This can be useful at times, but not many users seem to appreciate this feature which reveals their location information in every post or status update they make. A lot of users actually want to disable Facebook places permanently but they are confused whether Facebook places is turned on for their account or not.

If you want to permanently hide Facebook places, or turn off location on Facebook and do not wish to share your location in each and every Facebook post, here is a short guide which you may find useful.

How to Remove or Disable Facebook Places Completely

Previously, there was an explicit setting which would let you enable or disable Facebook places and location information for all of your Facebook posts. Quite recently, Facebook has revamped their privacy page and the location setting no longer exists under your Facebook account > Privacy settings. As of now, you have to individually define whether you would want to share location information with Facebook friends on individual posts, status updates, photo uploads and so forth.

The location filter is turned off by default, so you need not worry that your location is being shared in every Facebook post. When you compose a new status update, remember not to include location information, which will be turned on once you click the location or places button as shown in the following illustration:

Enable or disable Facebook places and location

However, here is a small catch which you should be aware of.

Once you have turned on location in Facebook, it will be shown in any future post you make. For example, let us suppose you wrote a status update or uploaded a photo and deliberately included location information in that specific post. Now that you have included location information, the next time you create a new status update, Facebook post or upload a photo, Facebook will use your last location information and include it in all of your posts, unless and until you remove it.

Now how do I remove location information from Facebook posts? Pretty easy.

When you compose a new status update, carefully locate whether Facebook has automatically included a location in your post. The location will be located just right the status update box, as shown in the above screenshot. Hover your mouse  over the location filter, click the “Cross” and remove it. That’s it, you have successfully removed and disabled your location, Facebook will now not include location in any of your future posts, unless of course you choose to explicitly add it again.

What if My Friends Tag Me On A Facebook Post and Include Location Information?

Sometimes, some of your friends will compose a status update, upload a photo, add location information to it and tag you on Facebook. There i nothing much you can do except request your friend not to tag you in any post where he has included location information. You can however, use activity log and timeline review to find all Facebook posts which have your location included.

The best way to deal this scenario is to remove your tag from that specific post. If you have more questions and queries, be sure to check this official page on Facebook places

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