How to Downgrade from iOS 9 Public Beta to iOS 8

Alike other mobile platforms, Apple is also cooking something and as a result Apple has launched iOS 9 public beta a few day ago. This new version of iOS has brought couple of new features, security improvements, UI enhancements and many more things, what are more than enough for a regular iOS/iPhone/iPad user.

However, if you have upgraded your mobile from iOS 8.4 to iOS 9 public beta and now you can getting countless issues, bugs etc. here is a simple workaround, what will let you downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8 (aka iOS 8.4). Although, this method takes sometime, yet there is no other method is available as of now. Therefore, to downgrade your iOS device, you must have to go through the following steps.

Downgrade from iOS 9 Public Beta to iOS 8

Downgrade from iOS 9 Public Beta to iOS 8

To downgrade from iOS 9 public beta to iOS 8, you need to do three things. First, you have to put your device into recovery mode. Second, you need iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC to restore and update. Third, though, this s option, but you can restore 8.4 archived backup.

At first, you will have to put your iOS device into Recovery Mode. To do so, just switch off your device. Plug in your device into your Mac or Windows PC.

Following that, press and hold down the Home button of your iOS device. By doing so, iTunes will identify your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode.

P.S. : The screen will be blank. Therefore, there is nothing to worry.

Now, you need to restore it. After putting your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode using the aforementioned method, you will get the option. Just click on the Restore and Restore and Update button respectively.

Downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8

After that, the iOS 8.4 software will come up and you can install that by just clicking on Next and Agree button.

It will take some time for downloading the software from Apple server. However, you will not have to do anything since iTunes will do rest of the things.

After installing iOS 8.4, you can set up your device just like the new one. Now, to get back everything, what you had in iOS 8.4 before upgrading to iOS 9 public beta, you need to restore your backup. As iCloud stores backup for 24 hours, you need to have archived backup of iOS 8.4.

Final Word

iOS 9 Public Beta is certainly better in terms of security, UI, multi-tasking etc. This is available without any Developer Account. Nevertheless, this is not yet ready for a regular user or for your primary iOS device. Obviously, you can try this out on your secondary iPhone or iPad.

However, if you have already upgraded your iOS device to iOS 9 from iOS 8.4 (current stable version) and now want to downgrade it, just follow these steps.

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