Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2016

This year (2016) is probably the best year for Apple lovers as Apple has introduced so many new things at WWDC 2016 aka Worldwide Developer Conference 2016. A huge amount of things has been released. Not only new stuffs but also Apple has enhanced few old things what were in need of an update. If you use Apple devices, you should definitely check out the following list in case you have missed yesterday’s conference.

WWDC 2016

iOS 10

There is no doubt that iOS 10 is one of the best mobile platforms out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. Apple has introduced iOS 10, which will come with a lot of new features. For example, you will get option to uninstall system apps, new Apple Photos, Maps, Active Display and more. Apart from that, Siri has got a major update, which will help you to do something by integrating it into the third party app like Hike, WhatsApp, Skype and more.

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macOS Sierra 10.12

Apple has changed the actual name from OS X to macOS. This new version of Mac OS is called macOS Sierra 10.12, which has tons of new things. The most notable feature is Siri and Optimized Storage. Siri will work like iOS and the Optimize Storage function will aid you to get more space in your machine. Apart from that, you will get Apple Pay in Safari, Picture-in-Picture and more others. Another fascinating feature is you can unlock your laptop using Apple Watch or iPhone.

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watchOS 3

Apple Watch is a popular device and now it is going to be even more useful with watchOS 3. The most helpful update that watchOS 3 has got is you can load app 7 times faster than watchOS 2. You will get Control Center like feature in Apple Watch, which will let you find apps faster than ever before. It will also come with a dock where you can pin apps like MacBook. In other words, watchOS 3 is mainly designed for getting more out of an Apple Watch.


a new update for the OS of Apple TV is around the corner. The new tvOS will assist you to get a virtual remote that will basically let you play multi player games or use that in case your physical remote is damaged. It can also synchronize your cable TV account with tvOS account better.

Few Other Things What Got Update

  • The Apple Photos app of iOS has got a major update. Now, you can find a timeline with image dates that will basically let you find old images. This is something like Google Photos.
  • Maps like Google Maps: in simple words, Apple has borrowed some features from Google Maps. For example, you can get traffic conditions on Apple Maps. More other features are also included in this app, which was almost useless in iOS 9 and older version.
  • Users can use 3D touch to do more others things. In fact, now 3D touch would be applicable on lock screen as well.

Final Word

If you are a real Apple lover, you should definitely try these updates on respective devices. However, this is not recommended to install iOS 10 on your primary iPhone or any other iOS device. Right now, you can get that only if you have an Apple Developer account. Otherwise, you have to wait till July.

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