Top 10 Apple Watch Bands You Can Buy Today

Apple Watch is a great device, which helps you perform small tasks on your mobile without even lifting that. If your phone is in another room, and you are getting a call, you can receive it through Apple Watch. Apple provides a great band with the watch. However, many people want to use a different band in different conditions. For example, you might not want to wear the same band multiple times. Therefore, you should check out this article, where you can find some of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy in 2019.

Top 10 Apple Watch Bands You Can Buy Today

1] The Official Apple Watch Bands by Apple [$49]

Official apple watch bands

You can get only one band with the Apple Watch when you purchase it from an online store or an authorized Apple store. However, if you do not like to use the same band for a long time, you can purchase some other bands those are made by Apple. They cost around $49 and you can get any band for the latest version of Apple Watch also known as Series 4. You can choose the color, case size, band type, etc. before spending your money. The quality of those bands is much better than other after-market bands. Visit Online Store

If you do not like the design of official Apple Watch bands, you can check some other bands on various retail stores. However, if you want to take a look at the online stores, read on to know more.

2] Tomazon Apple Watch Band [$14.99]

Tomazon Apple Watch Band

If you are looking for a cheap but good quality band for your Apple Watch, this is probably a good option for you. This is one of the best Apple Watch bands for women. If you are about to go to a party but you need something matching with your dress, you need can check out this band. 38/40mm and 42/44mm variations are available of this band. As of today, three colors are available i.e. grey, pink, and white. Buy from Amazon

3] Spigen Air Fit [$15.99]

Spigen Air Fit

Apple you are looking for an Apple Watch band for men, you should check out this one. It is available in black, white, and rose gold color. The black and white bands suit almost all the men – the rose gold variant is awesome too. It costs only $15.99 but the quality is pretty good. You should not expect as good quality as official Apple Watch bands, but they are up-to-the-mark. There is nothing fancy about this band but it is gentle for the gym, running, etc. Buy from Amazon

4] Platinum – Magnetic Stainless Steel Mesh Band [$39.99]

Platinum – Magnetic Stainless Steel Mesh Band

It costs more than some other after-market bands. The highlight of this band is the quality, which is top-notch. From the party to the gym, you can wear it everywhere without any issue. As mentioned in the title, it is made of stainless steel mesh. Therefore, you might find it a little bit unusual in the initial days but you would be familiar with the shape after a few hours of wearing. It is available in two colors i.e. black and silver. Buy from BestBuy

5] Platinum – Leather Watch Strap [$39.99]

Platinum – Leather Watch Strap

Many people like to wear a leather strap and if you are one of them, this band will grab your attention for sure. It offers really good quality and available in two different sizes i.e. 38mm and 42mm. There are three color variations i.e. pink, black, and bourbon. As it is made of leather, this is not a good idea to use it during the rainy season. Although your Apple Watch is water-resistant, the strap is not. Buy from BestBuy

6] Light Apple Watch Band [$24.99]

Light Apple Watch Band

If you need stainless steel band for your Apple Watch, this is a good strap available on Amazon. You can purchase it for Apple Watch Series 4 as well as Series 1. The 38/40mm and 42/44mm variants are available right now. Apart from the quality, the most interesting this is color variants. This band is available in 14 different colors combinations. It has good user reviews. You can check them properly before making the final decision. Buy from Amazon

7] Modal – Woven Nylon Band [$24.99]

Modal – Woven Nylon Band

The width of teh band is 24mm, which is usual but it is made of nylon. According to the production company, it provides better durability and comfort. As the buy reviews, it has a pretty good quality in terms of the material used to make this band. The main part of this band is the color combination. You may not find another brighter band than this one. It suits men and women on every occasion including party, travel, gym, etc. Buy from BestBuy

8] KADES Compatible for Apple Watch Band [$21.99]

KADES Compatible for Apple Watch Band

If you do not want to leave 80’s bracelet type wristwatch band, but you want to use an Apple Watch, this band is especially for you. At such a low price, you are getting a stainless steel band for your Apple Watch. Like the old-school band, you can find the butterfly to close the strap. Most of the reviews say good things about this band. The best thing is it looks pretty cool when you are at a party. Having said that, you may not be comfortable wearing it at the gym or when you are jogging. Buy from Amazon

9] Secbolt Leather Band [$12.99]

Secbolt Leather Band

If you do not want to thick strap on your hand, you can try this one. It doesn’t have a huge thickness and it looks pretty cool. If you know what you are paying for, you won’t get disappointed. Although you may not get as good quality as official Apple Watch bands and some other after-market band, the quality of this band is pretty good. It doesn’t look cheap even when it is priced at $12.99 only. You can get a big list of color schemes as it offers 22 variants. Buy from Amazon

10] NEXT – Sport Band [$7.99]

NEXT – Sport Band

This is the cheapest band on this list. According to the makers, it might suit you in various sports activities including gym, jogging, etc. It offers nine different color combinations and some of them look classy. The width of this band is 38mm. In other words, it might not suit you if you are very skinny. Buy from BestBuy

These are some of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy today. No matter which band you buy, you should check two things before making the final decision. First one is quality (the material used in production) and the second one is compatibility.

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