Best Apple AirPods Alternatives For Android, iOS, Windows

If you like the idea of Apple AirPods, but you do not want to use such a device right now by spending almost $200, you can check out some other cheap alternatives you can buy from a local store or online retailer. There are tons of Apple AirPods alternatives available right now in the market, and some of them are even better from the original one. Apple AirPods has unique glamour, and it is a value for money product, but not all people think the same. If you are one of them and you want to try out something new for a new design at a lower price, you can check out this list. On the other hand, there are some of the other premium Apple AirPods alternatives that you can purchase too.

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

1] Sony WF-1000XM3

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

Sony is popular for its sound, and some other electronic gadgets and they have made one of the best Apple AirPods alternatives for you. This is one of the best products you can find in this category under $300. The features and the functionalities of this gadget are pretty cool, and you will not find any problem while using it with any mobile platform, including Android, iOS, etc. It looks very premium, and the features make it even better. Talking about the functionalities, it comes with a voice assistant, ambient sound, auto on-off, etc. According to the reviews of the owners, one thing is confirmed that this product produces the best sound in this budget. On the Amazon website, this product is priced at $228. Check the deal

2] Bose SoundSport

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

If you need the best sound, there is nothing better than Bose. All their products are pretty expensive, but this one is quite cheap as compared to other wireless headphones that you can find in the Bose Arsenal. This wireless headphone looks good from the side, and you might feel the premium touch after wearing it. Talking about the sound quality, you might not find something better than this one. You can find four color variants of this wireless headphone, and they are Citron, Black, Aqua, and Red. On the Amazon website, this product is currently priced at $129. Check the deal

3] Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

This alternative is popular because of having a great battery life. For your information, these earbuds can provide up to 9 hours of backup from a single full charge. Talking about the look and feel of this alternative, you might not find any issue while using it for the first time or even for a long time. Regarding additional features, you can find Bluetooth 5.0, support for SBC, AAC, APTX, etc. The main thing about this earbud is that it is very comfortable and lightweight –  it weighs around 4.6g only. The price of this alternative is quite lower than the original one, as you can purchase it for $130 from the Amazon website. Check the deal

4] Samsung Galaxy Buds

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

Samsung Galaxy Buds are the best alternative and the nearest competitor of Apple AirPods and most premium product made by Samsung for sound loving people. It is minimal, but the sound quality of this product is probably the best among the products mentioned on this list. You can purchase this in four different colors, and they are white, black, silver, and yellow. The most interesting thing about the product is the price, as it is priced at just $130 in the United States. You can easily connect your all Samsung mobiles such as the Note series, and S series, etc. without any problem and within a couple of seconds. You can use this product while doing your exercise, or you can listen to music, watch movies while traveling as it comes with the noise-canceling functionality. You can find USB-C cable support, Bluetooth 5.0, accelerometer, Hall, etc. For your information, you can connect it to any Android phone, but you must have Android 5.0 or later versions. Check the deal

5] Powerbeats Pro

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

Apple acquired the Beats a long time ago, and to date, they have released a couple of products that might attract you. If you are trying to find out the best alternative to Apple wireless headphones, you can check out Powerbeats Pro. Although the original price of this product is $250, you can purchase it for $200 from the official website and if you are living in the United States. The battery backup of this product is a plus point, as you can use it for almost 1.5 hours by charging it for 5 minutes, according to the official website. Talking about the look, you might not find something similar to this. On the other hand, if you want to check out the sound quality, you should read some reviews or check it out at an authorized store before spending money on this product. Check the deal

6] RHA TrueConnect

Best Apple AirPods Alternatives

The look of this headphone might disappoint you, but the quality of the sound will impress you for sure.  The price of this product is less than the Apple wireless headphone, as you can purchase it for $169 from the official Amazon website. The battery backup of this headphone is pretty good, and it comes with fast charging so that you can quickly charge it and use it for a longer time. According to the official website, these wireless headphones are sweat, splash, and weather resistance so that you can use it in any condition while going for jogging or gym. Check the deal

There are tons of other alternatives to the official Apple wireless headphone, but these are some of the best products you can buy today or in this holiday season.

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