Facebook Questions Allows You To Ask And Answer Questions With Your Friends

If you are anything like me, you are always curious about your friends think on certain topics.

I have tried in the past to ask a question on Facebook with mixed results. I feel like it may take too long for my friends check their feeds, and they miss my status question. It is also possible that they just ignored the question all together.

Facebook, in their continuing attempts to improve and expand the social platform, has released a solution for my curious mind.

The newest addition to Facebook is known as Facebook Questions. This new feature allows you to create simple question and answer polls about anything you wish. You can ask them anything you wish, and even give them the option to add a answer you may not have thought of.

A similar evolving question answer site is Quora which we have covered in full detail earlier. Let’s quickly take a look at some aspects of Facebook questions with little more details.

Getting Started with Facebook Questions

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While Facebook has begun rolling out the Questions feature to users, it is possible that you won’t have access quite yet. If you don’t, you can simple go over the Questions home page and hit the button that says ‘Get Questions Now’ to get started.

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Once you have access, using Questions to ask a question is very easy. Head over to your Facebook News Feed page and go the status update box. next to the button marked Status should be a new button that reads Questions. Click it, and you will be given the option to type in your question and the ability to provide answer choices.

In the same area, you sill see a check box that says ‘Allow anyone to add options.’ This setting will allow anyone who chooses to answer your question to add an additional answer choice. It is enabled by default, and may be disabled by un-checking the box.

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When you are done, click ‘Ask Question’ to post your question to your friend’s news feeds. It is also possible to ask specific friends to answer a question by clicking the ‘Ask Friends’ link under any question in your news feed.

Facebook Questions: A Well Designed, Well Implemented Poll System

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Overall, I am impressed with the implementation and design of Facebook Questions. It is very easy to use and accomplishes its goal really well. It has the potential to open a new line of communication between users, and could even give Facebook a more integrated feedback system.

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I really like the new dedicated Questions only news feed that is available. I feel it is the most efficient way to see what your friends are asking and answering across Facebook. Its design is much like the traditional news feed, with the added Questions only features, like the ‘Ask Friends’ link discussed above.

The only issue I have seen thus far with Questions has been covered by Amit, and that is the fact that you cannot hide Questions from your Facebook feed. Other than that small annoyance, I am very happy with Facebook Questions.

What are your thoughts on Facebook Questions? If you have any tips, tricks, or questions about the new system, please leave a comment in the section below.

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