How to get Apple Watch UI on iPhone

Apple Watch is probably the first gadget that has sphere view user interface. Different companies have launched different UI, but this one is very unprecedented and much fascinating as well as useful. Apple Watch is set to be launched for consumers in near future. However, you can also try Apple Watch right now.

Anyway, if you have checked it at any Apple event or seen it on YouTube video, you might have noticed the difference in user interface, what is included in Apple Watch. Apple is the symbol of individuality and Apple Watch substantiates it.

A normal iPhone comes with a home screen and a menu drawer, which helps you to launch apps. This is quite good. Nevertheless, if you want to turn your home screen into a menu drawer or if you want to add Sphere view in your iPhone’s home screen, here you go. By making use of this solution, you can easily get Apple watch UI on iPhone.

How to get Apple Watch UI on iPhone?

This is very easy for Jailbroken iPhone users. There are two Jailbreak tweaks those will let you get an Apple Watch UI in iPhone. Let’s check them out.


This is one of the best solutions out there. SphereView has some simple options to get things done. As of now, SphereView is available for iOS 8 and later versions at just $3.99. You can get this little Cydia tweak at BigBoss repository. The most exciting thing is this tweak can be implemented into iPad too.


After opening it, you will get some options to set it up as per your wish. Although, it doesn’t contain many features but still you can make some changes. The first option will help you to enable or disable SphereView. After enabling it, you can also change the icon view. For example, you can use rounded icon as well as enable/disable label, dock etc.

SphereView will show you a 3D globe that you have to rotate to pick out any application. You can pinch to zoom in or zoom out.


This is yet another Cydia tweak that helps you to get Apple Watch UI in iPhone. Aeternum costs only $2.99 it is available for iOS 7.0 and later versions. On the other hand, you can purchase this Jailbreak tweak right from BigBoss repository.


Aeternum also works great – just like SphereView. Alike the above mentioned application, you can pinch to zoom in or out. On the other hand, this is also possible to enable Dock, which doesn’t look good with this application. But, this is totally up to you. This is also possible o show or hide application name in the sphere view. According to me, it would not help you a lot.

But, you should always keep in mind that you will have to Respring after making any change to get the effect. Otherwise, all the view will remain same.

Bottom Line

Now, you might be thinking that this kind of apps consume a lot of COU usage. However, you have a good news that this types of apps are theme-able. That implies you can install themes on this app. Hence, it consumes less RAM.

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