Google Confirms Password Free Sign In

Google, the web giant, always try to do something unique. As of now, they have introduced so many great and unique inventions to the world. This time, this is probably the most unique thing cooking in Google’s developers’ kitchen. This is called Password free sign in.

What is password free sign in?

As the name suggests, you will be able to sign in to your Google account without entering any password. Earlier, there was a device that will let you sign in to your Google account. In other words, that device worked like a media to enable 21 step verification. But, this is completely different from that. Previously, users need to enter password and the 2-step verification code to sign in to the Google account.


From the security aspect. The 2 step verification is really helpful in public computer. But, there are many people, who have suffered from unwanted attack after signing in to their Google account from a public computer. To get rid of such problems, Google has finally launched a new way to sign in.

Previously, you had to enter your password to sign in. But, with the help of password free sign in, you would be able to log in without using any password. No matter, whether you want to sign in to your Google account from a public computer or personal computer, you would be able to log in without password.

So, how do you sign in when no password is required?

This is where your smartphone will come in. Google is currently testing a new service that will turn your phone into a password of your Google account. That implies, whenever, you will have to log in to your Google account, you will have to utilize your mobile phone. Obviously, a pre-authentication is required.

Currently, Google has not made this feature public but Google spokeman has told it to VentureBeat. On the other hand, a Reddit user has already uploaded screenshot to let others know about this feature.

How it works?

Password free sign in of Google

Although, this is not confirmed, yet, this new service will be working like this. At first, you will have to authenticate your smartphone with your Google account – just like app password. Following that, whenever, you will try to sign in to your Google account, you will get a notification on your mobile to allow or block the sign in. If you allow it, you will be able to sign in to your Google account.

The advantage of password free sign in is there is no unwanted attack on your account. Obviously, you can find some unexpected attack but the number will be reduced dramatically. Because, when you have no password, others will not be able to make any phishing attack.

But, as your phone will be the password, you always have to keep your phone with you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sign in to your account. But, there will be another way to log in for sure.

What do you think about this? Is this is a good upgrade?

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