Images can carry your data too. Here’s how

In this all technological world, what is impossible is to stop innovations. Technology have taken us so far with its innovations and inventions that the world seems so much easier. Now-a-days almost anything is possible with just a click of a button. And in this fast emerging technologies, we deal with a lot sensitive data all around us. With the emergence of technology, a new type of thieves also emerged. They steal your data, and can harm you in innumerable ways. They are called hackers. Hackers are all around the world, and no-one with web presence is unaware of them. What they do is steal your data and information, and then either use it against you, or leak it to the world. So in this internet age, it has become very difficult to keep your data secure. Many people wonder how various organisations keep their confidential data safe? Well, sometimes even they can’t. But there are ways you can keep your data safe. Options ranges from encryption of drives and servers etc. But today, we are here to discuss something different. We will discuss about Steganography.

What is Steganography?

Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a message, image, or file within another message, image, or file. Or if we put in a simple way, it means to hide a file within another file. Now the file you want to hide can be any file.(In most cases, an image) A text document, an audio file, a video file an image anything. And it is hidden within another file with a password or similar method, and no one without the knowledge of that method can view the hidden file.

Why it is used?

Now a very simple answer to this is: for protecting data. Steganography is a very useful method to hide sensitive data onto some other form and make it invisible to other. Other individuals can have no clue about anything being hidden something like that because there is no evidence that Steganography was used on the file. Hence it makes it very secure and reliable.

How to do hide data in images?

We will tell you some very simple and easy steps by which you can hide data in images or some other file.


  • On the new window,follow the four step procedure.
    • In the first step choose a password. You can enter three passwords or even less. Just uncheck the enable buttons to reduce number of passwords.
    • After entering the passwords choose the file you want to hide i.e target file.
    • After this, select the file carrying file. It is that file which will be visible to others. Note that its size cannot be smaller than the target file.
    • Then the fourth option is to select the bit selection. This option gives an idea if the selected carrier is suitable for the job or not. The software will alert you if it is not fit for the purpose, and you have to try some other format.openpuff-hide-page
  • After all this is done, hit the Hide! button and the encrypted file is ready for you.

How to un-hide data in images?

Now that you have hidden your data, its time to un-hide it access it. Well unhiding is pretty simple. Just run the software and on the main screen click on Unhide option. Select the file from which the data is to extracted and then you will  get your hidden file back, intact! Voila!!   With a hope that this saves your precious data from some nasty people out there, I take your leave now. Take care folks!

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