How to Send Self Destructing Email Through Gmail

Gmail is certainly a great email service that is being powered by Google. No matter how many emails you will receive, no matter what kind of email you will get, no matter how large your email is, you can easily use your Gmail account to send and receive email. This is absolutely free and very easy to use. The most important thing is Gmail can be used in almost all email clients. You can use it in Windows 10 Mail, iOS as well as Android. Windows Phone users can also use Gmail besides Outlook.

Anyway, if you send an email to someone, you can never delete that or undo that after a certain time. That email will be stored in your recipient’s email account forever until or unless he/she deletes that manually. That is good from one side. However, if you have made any mistake or sent any email to someone by mistake, you may face some awkward situations.

How to Send Self Destructing Email Through Gmail

On the other hand, suppose, you want to send some confidential things like bank account details or password or anything that should not be disclosed at any cost. To avoid these problems, you can send self-destructing email.

What is self-destructing email?

It is what the name implies. Generally, email providers like Google keeps the email for a long time until the user removes it. But, self-destructing email gets deleted automatically after a particular span of time. It doesn’t require any user permission to be deleted. The process runs in background.

There are two types of self-destructing email.

First, you can create a temporary email ID and send email from that. There are some third party email ID providers those provide self-destructing email so that users can send confidential data without leaving any footprint.

Second, you can use Gmail to send self-destructing email. You will not have to create any new email ID or go through any hectic process. Just use Gmail to send self-destructing email to anybody and that email will be removed after certain time.

Send Self Destructing Email Through Gmail

Here is a Chrome extension called Dmail, which is free and very easy to use. Just install and start using this extension. You can use all the features of Gmail while using Dmail. This is just an extension to power up Gmail.

However, the only change recipient will get is they will have to click on an additional button to get see your email. Apart from that, there is no change at all.

Anyway, to send self destructing email through Gmail, just install the Dmail extension in your Chrome browser. After installing, you will have to sign in to your Chrome with Gmail ID to run t in the background. You can use any Gmail ID to sign in to your Chrome browser.

After that, open Gmail and compose an email. In the compose window, you will get an additional option like this,

Dmail set up in Gmail

If you turn on Dmail, your email will get a different look and you can set the timer. But, if you do not turn on Dmail, you can send email using the same look. However, to send self destructing email, you will have to turn it on indeed. Write down everything in the email box and then set a time. You can set either 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week.

Following that, just hit the Send button. Your recipient will get the email like this,

Self destrusting email through gmail

Final Word

It has some drawbacks as well. As this is a Chrome extension, you cannot get its advantage if you use other browser. On the other hand, there is no option to set custom time. You have to choose either 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week.

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