How to Use Google For a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Undoubtedly, Google is the best search engine in the world. No matter whether you need to find the release date of a movie or price of a mobile, you can get everything in this search portal. However, if you want to use Google for a reverse phone number lookup, here are some tips and tricks you might need to follow. Although there are many websites that can help you find a person behind a number or number of a person, Google can do the job for you. Here is how it can be done.

How to Use Google For a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Finding a name behind a phone number is quite easy in these present days. It doesn’t take much effort and shows the result almost immediately. However, the following trick may not work at all the time since most of the telemarketers are smarter than the early days. So, what is the process?

How to Use Google For a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

No matter whether you have got a call on Android or iOS mobile, you can certainly copy the number. All you need to do is to paste the number in the Google search box and hit the Enter button. There is a 50% chance that Google will show a name behind a phone number. In most cases, Google shows online phone number directories. However, if you are getting calls from a foreign country, this is quite difficult to get a positive result on this.

This is the only procedure to use Google for a reverse phone number lookup. However, this search can be enhanced. For example, you have bought something online. Let’s say; you purchased a Rubik’s Cube from an online retailer. After that, you started getting calls on various kid’s games, toys, etc. The chances are that the online seller has sold your phone number to some telemarketing company. At such moments, you can search like this:

Phone number + online retailer name

That way, there is a better chance of getting a connection between the phone number and person/company. This process is called “phone number lookup by name.”

There is another method to use Google for a reverse phone number lookup, which is called phone number lookup by address. Although it doesn’t help a lot, you can try this one as well. As the name suggests, you need to enter an address. It will take a lot of time if you enter a random address. The solution is that you need to gather information about that phone number using the first trick. In other words, you need to find an address from online phone number directories. After that, you need to search like this:

A name (if you’ve got any) + address (if you’ve got any) + phone number

These are some of the best methods to use Google as a reverse phone number lookup. However, these tricks do not work all the time.

When do/don’t these methods work?

  1. Let’s assume that someone is calling you from a private number (+12345 or any random number); you cannot find out the person behind the number. Several carriers provide such private numbers to their prestigious customers.
  2. If someone is calling you from toll-free numbers (1800-xxx-xxxx), you may not be able to detect the person. If the company is widely popular, you can get a chance. Otherwise, there is no way to find the real person.

The Best Phone Number Lookup App For Android And iOS

If the Google search method is not helping you, you should opt for an app called Truecaller. You might have already heard of this application since it is the most popular and best phone number lookup app for Android and iOS. The database of Truecaller is massive, and that’s why you should not get any problem detecting a phone number.

The best thing about Truecaller is you can detect a phone number right after getting the ringtone. This is meaningless to say that you need to have an internet connection to get it working. No matter whether the person is calling you from the USA, UK, or anywhere, you can certainly find a name before receiving the call.

The second unique feature of this application is you can find whether it is a spam call or not. People across the world give a rating to every caller, and that makes things easier for you to find out whether some scammer or genuine person is calling you.

Truecaller for Android is compatible with Android 4.4 or later version, and you need to have iOS 11.0 or later version to install it on iPhone.

Download: Android, iOS

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