Live Streaming Access to Your Computer Data and Media from Anywhere with Tonido

Tonido is an exclusive free and simple cloud based utility that let you access your computer data and media from anywhere with the help of a simple application and internet connection. ‘Tonido’ uses your computer as a server and allows you to transfer your favorite collections to multiple devices. You can access important files and documents from anywhere of the world as soon as you need it.

Access Your Computer Data and Media from Anywhere

‘Tonido server’ can be accessible from a web browser, tablet, smart-phone and no special configuration is required to set up it.

Get Free Tonido for Home Users to Access Your Computer Data and Media from Anywhere

First you download and install ‘Tonido’ on your machine. After successfully completion of sign-up process a login URL (e.g. will be generated in its login account. Using any browser you can easily access all of your computer’s data and media files from anywhere.

‘Tonido’ supports all the popular platforms like android, iOs, iPad, Mac, Linux Ubuntu, Windows, Blackberry and so on. The software is freeware for non-commercial uses only. To use it commercially you need to spend some bulks to buy Tonido Enterprise version.

Important Features of Tonido

The main and important feature is already mentioned in the introduction part. Now let me elaborate all of the features including additional ones.

Connect Your Pc from Anywhere: Establish connection to all the media data and files of your PC from all around the world using internet connection within a second.

Web Browser based access: Web browser based access allows remote access to your pc, using any browser under high security environment. To access PC, web connectors require a free Tonido account. Pc access using Tonido always requires a password. A double-layer security can also be added by adding an additional security question to it.


It allows you to play any music from your PC directly without downloading. The quality of the audio changes automatically according to isp bandwidth. That means you can listen your favorite songs directly from your PC at anywhere of the world.

It supports multi-platform and cross-platform compatibility and can be used from Android to Windows, Android to Mac, Mac to Windows, and Windows to Mac etc.


Apart from Downloading option, Tonido allows you to share any file publicly by creating auto-generated URL for each file sharing. Like Google Drive file sharing option, one having the file URL can download the file without knowing any credentials direct from your PC. However, custom expiry date can be set for any sharing. Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing options are also included for any file sharing.

You can restrict remote access to some specific folders of your PC using Tonido. For this you have to add only allowed folder to the Tonido configuration page.

Limitations and Downsides:

There are a couple of downsides. First you won’t be able to access PC from anywhere without having an active internet connection. Free version of Tonido does not let you create any guest account. Tonido Pro version is necessary for creating new guest account along with unlimited sharing, advance sharing etc.

Final Word:

Tonido live streaming access to your PC is undoubtedly a great utility which scores on the fact that it is very easy to install, and pretty quick in accessing data and media from a PC, it let you share files from your computer easily. Now you can access all your computer files without any headache with the help of your parents or partner using Tonido File Access Share Sync.

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