Make Unlimited Free Landline Calls and Mobile Calls using Call+ Application

With the advancement of technology over the years, free online calling is not something new to us! We have been using Skype and Viber calling applications to make free calls to people who have the same apps installed at their end (on the respective devices). In fact, a lesser known online calling tool like SmartVoip allows one to make cheap international calls from smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet. So, it won’t be a surprise if you ask what’s new about the recently launched Call+ application for making unlimited free calls to landlines or mobile phones?

In this article, we shall check out the features of Call+ free calling app and understand why it could be the best online calling application for the next generation.

Call+ Installation for Android

Call+ App Features

The standout feature of Call+ app is that you can make free calls to your desired recipients in countries covered by this app, even if they don’t have the app installed on their devices. Thus, unlike Skype or Viber apps which require both caller and recipient to have the app installed in order to make free online calls, Call+ app works only if the app is installed at the caller end. This feature alone has the potential to make this one of the most sought after free online calling app.

One can make free calls to USA as well as landline phones in China, Mexico, Brazil, etc. and add free days of calling service to Bangladesh, India, Russia, etc., thereby extending coverage to around 85 countries. Now, a day of service allows you to make free calls without any limit. In simple words, this app does not require you to pay per minute for international calls i.e. you are entitled to unlimited free talk time to any country covered by this app. The entire list of countries covered under Call+ app is available inside the app along with the available networks.

The tag line of the app says “Free Calls to REAL Phones”, where REAL phones indicates landline phones or mobile devices that do not require the app to be installed on them.

Buying days of service for Call+ app

As discussed in the above features section, you can buy some unlimited calling service days.

Call+ Days of Service

For example, you can have this unlimited calling service from Call+ app for 1 day at 99 cents, for 2 days at $1.99 as well as for a full month at $19.99. Alternatively, one can even fulfill some sponsored offers from Call+ app partners to get these service days. If you register /sign up with dating service “Zoosk”, you can avail about 7 days of unlimited calling service. Similarly, you can get the same offer if you purchase customized holiday ornament from “Personal Creations”.

How to download Call+ app and start calling?

One can install Call+ app for Android or iOS devices from the below mentioned links:
Install Call+ App for Android from Google Play Store
Install Call+ App from iTunes for iOS

Alternatively, one can get the relevant download links from: Call+ Official Website. Once you install the app, you simply have to enter your country code from the drop down list made available and confirm your mobile number.

Call+ First Step

Once this verification is done, you can start calling using their dialer.

Call+ Dialer

I am super thrilled at the idea of making free international calls without the headache of making the recipient understand the importance of installing the same app at his / her end. For me, this app is going to be real tought competition for existing calling apps like Viber and Skype. Please share your opinion about this calling application!

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  1. samantha carter says:

    it never works on ma phone, whenever i try verifying number it tells me to check connection, what do i do?

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