How to Manage Windows 10 Privacy Settings using DoNotSpy

Although, more than 20 million people are using Windows 10, yet the vast majority of people do not know that Windows 10 is something called Spying machine, which collects huge amount of data from users and send them to Microsoft. Windows 10 is simply awesome in terms of features and user interface.

But, the problem is Windows 10 needs to send different types of data like location information, Microsoft account info, calendar information, messages, microphone data, app notifications and many more to the owner. Top Spying machine is the new digital assistant of Windows 10 that is called Cortana. It absorbs different type of data.

Use DoNotSpy to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

According to Microsoft, this is a way to provide a better user interface. But, some users think this is not the right way to collect data. If any problem comes in future, Microsoft needs to provide all those data to any governmental organization and hence, users’ data would be compromised. If you are a Windows 10 user and want to block all those unusual things that can send your personal data to third party, you can follow this tutorial to block them all and manage Windows 10 privacy settings carefully.

Use DoNotSpy to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

DoNotSpy is a free application for Windows 10 that helps users to consolidate all privacy settings under one roof. You can get all types of security options of Windows 10 PC in one place so that you can manage them all carefully and minutely.

Therefore, to use this tool, download DoNotSpy and install it in your Windows 10 machine. It works on 32-bit as well as 64-bit machine.

After installing, open this tool. DoNotSpy will create a System Restore Point in Windows 10. But, some people have claimed that their tool failed to create System Restore Point. Therefore, to make sure, you can create one System Restore Point in Windows 10 manually.

After that, the following screen will be appeared,

Use DoNotSpy to Manage Privacy in Windows 10

Here you can get the subsequent options,

  • Defer Windows Upgrades
  • Disable Access to Language List
  • Disable and Reset Advertising ID
  • Disable and Reset Cortana
  • Disable App Access to Account Info
  • Disable App Access to Calendar
  • Disable App Access to Camera
  • Disable App Access to Location Info
  • Disable App Access to Messages
  • Disable App Access to microphone
  • Disable App Access to Radios
  • Disable App Access to Notifications
  • Disable Application Telemerty
  • Disable Automatic Driver Update
  • Disable Automatic Windows Updates
  • Disable Biometrics
  • Disable enabling Lock Screen Camera
  • Disable Getting to know me
  • Disable Handwriting Data Sharing
  • Disable inventory Collector
  • Disable Location
  • Disable OneDrive
  • Disable Password Reveal button
  • Disable Sending Writing Info
  • Disable Sensors
  • Disable SmartScreen Filter for URLs
  • Disable Steps Recorder
  • Disable Sync With Devices
  • Disable Telemetry
  • Disable Web Search
  • Disable WiFi Sense
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Windows Feedback Requests
  • Disable Windows Media DRM Internet Access
  • Disable Windows Update for other Products
  • Disable Windows Update Sharing

All these things can be done using DoNotSpy application for Windows10. Just make a tick in corresponding checkbox and hit the Apply button. The change will be affected immediately.

Final Word

Instead of using the new Settings panel of Windows, use this free tool. It has all the things what can collect your data. The most important thing is this useful tool is available for free.

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