WordPress Rivaled? New Blogging Platforms Get Their Chief, The Ghost

The first confession

It took a sizable amount of time for me to understand the gravity of the words, ‘WordPress rivaled’. I know these are very much powerful at the same time the most challenged though. Factually, WordPress has been the benchmark for the bloggers of this world, but it will not be till the next big bang. The inventory of the new blogging platforms has been getting updated for the whole time. Ghost is one of them, the probable future leader among the new blogging platforms.

Code lover?

Ghost is new blogging software just like WordPress. You can download the source code and upload the same your your server to build a new blogging platform from where you can publish your contents. I believe these words barely scratches the surface. We need to get the detailed information. Ok. It’s basically a Node.js application which is powered by Express framework. Moreover, it also available under NPM.js which makes it installable on almost every ecosystem we care for. Consequently, you can have a glance at their github repository.


Parents & Family members

This open source application is released under MIT license and it means that it’s completely yours. Make, brake, add, subtract, redistribute, whatever you cherish, play with it. When you download a copy of the freeware, from that point it’s yours. The principle motto of the developing team, proudly led by John O’Nolan, was to build a platform for just publishing. Nothing else. A platform for everyone. They have been able to successfully engineer the ‘Ghost‘, the future of both personal and enterprise blogging.

 Simple offerings

After getting funded for a staggering 785% of their actual pledge value (£25,000) by the world on popular startup venture point, namely, Kickstarter, Ghost already has earned respect from some of the web giants. Some of its founding partners are already big names for WordPress like, Internet Explorer, Woo themes, MarketPress and more are in the pipeline for sure. Personally, it’s latest version(0.5.2) just shows the small tip of this colossal submerged iceberg.

So, what is new in it? Unlimited automatic backup and worldwide CDN and security in Ghost(pro). Not a single plugin will be necessary. An integrated web hosting will let you to be free from any technical glitches you had to face on similar systems. You are a writer and Ghost will let you concentrate on your writing only. Just, write and publish. Nothing else. Its Pro plans start from a mere $10 a month to $250 a month, satisfying everyone’s need.


Lastly, by nature human is greedy and this has been the sole inspiration for our civilization’s continuous growth in the every sector we deal with to solve our problems. We are not satisfied with the today’s best, as we know this ‘best’ is not anyone’s copyrighted glory. There will emerge ‘a better than the best’ in no time. Anything associated with the word ‘new’, takes birth on this digital arena, aspires to change the game and forge the existing level of what we call ‘benchmark’ to an even higher level. Personally, a single attribute of Ghost drags me the most and it’s the word ‘Non-profit’. Every single buck you are investing will be paid back to you as an improvement in the service. What’s you take?

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