Nope will keep your Webcam Secure from Online Hackers

While not using it, keep your webcam secure, until it’s too late. Admit it. If you use a device which got a webcam, then there is a pretty high chance that, someone is stealing your personal moments. One of my friends defines these types of situation as ‘necessary evil’. I endorse him, 100%. Frankly, in this digital arena where video calling already has taken a giant leap forward, Webcams are not a fashion statement, anymore. Admittedly, they are also an easy prey for the internet hackers.

There are a handful of freewares available now-a-days out there in the market which can keep your webcam secure. Everyone is trying their luck with them. Personally, I also tried the same in the recent past until I stumbled upon Nope, a spartan way to secure your webcam and thankfully, without straining the workload of your laptop’s processor further. Nope uses the primitive philosophy behind their product. If you are not using it, simply, cover it.


What is Nope and how it works

The design is spartan and versatile. Precisely, Nope is a combination of two simple magnets attached to each other. One of them is called the base magnet, which sticks to your devices through a thin 3M VHB tape. The other one just remains in the place due to the magnetic pull of the base magnet. The later one revolves around the first one like a planet around the sun.

Covering your webcam was never been this easy. Simply, place the base magnet just adjacent to your webcam. Affix it and then, place the second magnet in touch with the base magnet in such a way that when the later one revolves, it will cover your webcam completely. So, keep it covered when your webcam is not in use and again with a gentle push of your finger slide the cover when you need it.

Now, you might be thinking that sliding a magnetic object to and fro on your screen might leave a scratch on it. Thankfully, there remains a thin gap between the magnet and your screen. More Precisely, it does not slide, it levitates. Here lies the brilliance in the design. Moreover, if you are thinking that the magnetic material will cause any effect or affect your electronics device, you are wrong. It’s just strong enough to hold those two pieces of magnets together, but not that strong which infects your pricy devices.


It comes with different sizes to fit your every device. Be it your desktop or your laptop or Macbook it will secure your webcam. Moreover, it’s elegant look endorses your device’s priceless looks and never obstruct any functionality. It’s 0.8mm thickness ensures that you can close the lid of your laptop or Macbook when Nope is attached to your screen. The inventor of Nope had pledged for a mere $500 and already it has been funded more than 100 times of that. That defines one thing for sure. If you are usable, this world will embrace you.

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