Pokemon Bag is Full: How to Fix in Pokemon GO for Android and iOS

Pokemon GO is one of the trendiest games out there, which has shattered so many records in the digital world. It has broken some app downloads records and many others even though this is available only in 30 countries – at the time of writing this article. Playing Pokemon GO on Android and iOS and quite cool and people are doing crazy things to catch more Pokemon within a short span of time. However, if you have been playing Pokemon GO for a long time now, you may have got an error message called Your Pokemon Bag is Full.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing Pokemon GO on Android or iOS but you will certainly get such problem if you are catching Pokemon for a few time now. If you get this problem, you would not be able to catch Pokemon anymore.

Source of this problem

Pokemon GO has a restriction. It allows users to catch only 250 Pokemon or in other words, your bag in Pokemon GO game can carry only 250 Pokemon at a time. If you have caught same Pokemon but having two different CP, it will be count as two Pokemon. In fact, if you catch two Rattata with the same CP, still it would be count as two Pokemon. In simple words, whenever you catch a Pokemon, the remaining number will come shortly.

How to fix Pokemon Bag is Full?

This is very easy. However, you need to understand this simple solution. At first, check out this example. For instance, you have an 8GB memory card and that is almost full. Therefore, if you want to store more files, you will have to delete old files and then store new files. In this case, you will have to do the same. But, you cannot delete any Pokemon from your bag. Instead, you can send the Pokemon to a professor and in exchange of that, you will get a candy from the corresponding professor. This is how you can get free space to bag more Pokemon.

How to transfer Pokemon to a professor?

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. you do not have to join any gym or go to any Pokestop. You can transfer Pokemon to the professor sitting on your couch. However, make sure you have selected the least powered Pokemon. Otherwise, you may end up sending a good Pokemon to the professor. Now, how to find whether a Pokemon is good or not? That is simple. Just look at the CP. Better CP defines better Pokemon. For instance, if you have two Dragonair with a CP of 150 and 160, you should send the 150 one instead of 160.

At first, open Pokemon GO app on your mobile. You can find a Pokemon logo on your screen – in the bottom section of your screen. Tap on that and select Pokemon. Following that, you can find a list of Pokemon that you have caught till now. Select a Pokemon that you want to send. Following that, you will get a menu button your right bottom corner. Tap on that and select Transfer.

Pokemon Bag is Full How to Fix in Pokemon GO for Android and iOS

Now, you will get a notice that would say that if you send a Pokemon to a professor, you cannot get it back. Hit the affirmative button.

That’s it! Now, you have got one candy as well as free space to catch another Pokemon.

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