Two Apps to Remove App Cache from iOS Device

All operating systems run very fast in initial days and they get slower after few days of using continuously. That is because of app cache and junk files or temporary files. Whenever, you install a new software that create some files and folders in your system to run it better. Those files are required to use that in-built or third party software smoothly.

Two Apps to Remove App Cache from iOS Device

But, they do not get removed when you uninstall those apps or games. The same thing happens with Windows and other platforms too. For your information, if you want to get an app cache cleaner for Windows, do check out this tool. Anyway, on Android, you have an option to clear app cache, which may help you to get some more space.

iPhone users often face low memory problem. Nevertheless, if you can delete all app ache, temporary files, log files, thumbnails etc. you will gain more space within moments.

The problem is iOS doesn’t provide any option to do so. Obviously, you can install third party software to remove cache from iOS device. Therefore, today I am going to introduce two different jailbreak tweaks so that you can get more space by removing app cache and other temporary files from your iDevice.



This is great Jailbreak tweak that is available for iOS 4.0 and all other later versions. This is an ultimate solution for iPhone, iPad and iPod when it comes with app cache cleaning. It can deal with several things and help you to get even more space. You can remove following things one by one;

Massage Attachments: It can erase all message attachments those are stored in iMessage and sent by your friends. You can also manage your MMS by making use of iCleaner.

Browser: Although, Apple Safari has its own option to clear cache, cookies, browsing history and all the other data, you can also use this little jailbreak tweak to remove them.

Apps Cache: Not only just cache but also you can deal with temporary files, snapshots, cookies and all other things that consume most space.

OTA Software Update: If you have upgraded your iDevice from a lower version to an upper version, your iDevice has stored all the log files in your device. You can easily remove them by using this tool.

Cydia Tweak: Even after being a Jailbreak Tweak, Cydia also consumes much space. Hence, you can manage it too with iCleaner.

You can also remove more other things including unused language pack, keyboards, voice control languages, definition dictionaries, retina ready images, iPad images, wallpapers. On the other hand, you can move your font directory to the system partition so that it can provide more space.


This is another awesome JailBreak tweak that will help you to clear cache of various apps. Although, CacheClearer doesn’t come with as many features as iCleaner, but still this is a useful application for non-techie iPhone users. Before installing CacheClearer, you should know that this is still under development. It means this beta version can contain some bugs.

However, it provides two simple options to delete cache of various installed apps. After installing this tweak, just navigate to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Manage Storage. Here you find all the installed apps. Just tap on any app to check the memory that is taken by that specific app. You will get two options after getting the CacheClearer icon. Those options are Reset App and Clear App’s Cache.


They do what they say. That means you can reset any selected app and turn that into formal position. On the other hand, you can remove app cache by tapping on Clear App’s Cache.

That’s all! This is as simple as said.

This is very important to maintain your iPhone’s health, which includes memory etc. Therefore, hope these two apps would help you to gain more memory and gather more other data.

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