Robin By Nextbit: The Cloud-First Android Smartphone

As people started to realize the potential of Information technology, everyone want to utilize it to the maximum extent they can, to make their lives easier. The growth of Smartphone market is proving this thing. Many people carry smartphone now a days and connecting with their near and dear ones with their social accounts, browsing Internet for information gathering are pretty much done by everybody these days. As mobiles started gathering their popularity, companies started to introduce new features and designs while making their phones to attract more customers.

But if you want to enter into Smartphone manufacturing business, making a phone with everything what other phones have doesn’t help you that much. People find similarity between your product and the existing product very easily and you will eventually lose your market value. To make your mark, your product has to have some special feature that no other phones will have or a marketing strategy which will attract more customers. The companies like Xiaomi, One Plus etc were able to stand out in the market because of their strategies.


Now I would like to introduce you a Smart Phone having a feature that nobody is offering right now. That is Robin by Nextbit.


Many smartphones in today’s market are coming with limited and no expandable storage. Even though some Phones are coming with MicroSD card expandable storage, if suppose we lost that card, everything is gone.


By offering a private cloud storage for every user who uses the mobile and track his storage needs.

How this Cloud Storage works?

This guy comes with 32GB Internal Storage and 100GB of personal cloud storage.This phone automatically backs up your media and app data that you haven’t used recently to the cloud and thereby making some free space in your device, provided your device got plugged in and have wi-fi availability. No need to monitor the backup process. The Nextbit’s software, built by the company on top of Android, automates the whole process. All the Apps, photos etc which were uploaded will be displayed in grey color and can be restored from the cloud accurately if needed.

This is a great idea by the company and already gained enough popularity and funds. The main reason behind the success of this idea is people want to backup their data on their mobile and make it available where ever they go. Be it music or photos, everybody want them to be with them all the time. Everybody started hating phones with 16GB storage phones with no expandable options already and tired of getting “Storage is getting expired” notification on their smartphones.

Other Specifications

Keeping it’s unique feature aside, it is just another mid-rage Android Smart phone.

Design and Display:

The other unique (not so unique, but finding this in other mobiles right now is rare) is it’s design. It looks like a rectangular phone with sharp edges. It has a 5.2inch IPS LCD 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection. It would offer some great viewing angels and quality display. It is available in two flavors : Mint and Midnight.

Processor ,Software and Memory:

This phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 CPU to deliver some nice performance. This device handles multi tasking well and you won’t expect any lag. Coming to memory, it has 3GB RAM, 32GB Onboard storage along wit 100GB personal cloud storage. The company says that it will ship the product with Latest Android Marshmallow OS.

On the technical side, with 3GB RAM and ample amount of storage, this device won’t disappoint you while performing. This would handle multitasking and some high end applications, Games very well.


This device comes with 2680mAH battery. This is more that iPhone 6s in number. Even you are a high-end user making the device to perform to it’s maximum extent, you would get some decent batter life in this device. It also equipped with quick charging feature to let you charge your device on urgent times.


This device has 13MP primary auto focus camera with dual tone flash and 5MP front sensor. Even though it is not the best smartphone camera right now, but it would give some decent shots.

Unique Features

Apart from Cloud storage, it has unique features such as USB Type C port, fingerprint scanner to offer another layer in security for it’s users. It has dual front facing stereo speakers on top and bottom, which would offer some good sounds for you.


This device is available for pre orders and priced at $399 (roughly 26k). There are some good mobiles available for this price tag on the market. Coming to Robin, even though it is not the best smartphone in the world, it is a smartphone with mid range but with some nice unique features. Other thing to note that this is first ever mobile made by the Nextbit. The company is trying to make it’s own mark on SmartPhone market with this device with it’s unique features.

What do you think of this device? Do let us know in comments.

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