[Star Wars] Google And Facebook Help You To Choose Your Side

Attention, Star Wars Fans.

If you are a Star Wars fan like me, then you might be very excited to watch the latest release in the Star wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens , hitting theaters this Thursday. While this excitement continuous, Internet is giving the pleasure of expressing our interest in the movie, to the whole world, in various ways.


Google – Choose Your Side

You might already know that the search engine giant Google, had showed their love for the movie by creating a website for Google account holders. If you have a google account(by default most of us do) , you can head over to that website , and choose either light side or dark side, depending on your Interest. Depending on the side you’ve picked, you would notice the environment of Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Chrome changing with that theme and added effects. All Google Apps will display content with color (red or blue) where appropriate, added backgrounds etc. Google even released a video to awaken the force within you.


You can observe some fun things across all Google services like –

  • Gmail – While loading, you could see loading bar looks like a lightsaber with red and blue colors, depending on your chosen side. Themes of the Gmail and Chromecast (if you use one) would get changed.
  • You can download app from playstore for Android were, having lots of fun features like Movie updates, themes, 3D characters, emojis and much more.
  • Chrome – Download Awaken the Force Within extension from web store to experience Fun from your browser like cool backgrounds whenever you open a new tab.
  • StarWars related events would get automatically added to your Google Calendar, you can delete them if you want to
  • The progress bar on YouTube videos would turn into a lightsaber – blue or red, depending on your side.

Fun Tip – Go to Google and type “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” without quotes and wait for what happens.

Facebook – Change Your Profile Picture

Even though showing support for a movie for Google isn’t that often, Facebook always been a place where people can express their support to certain events by changing their profile pictures with a particular theme. Facebook already allowed their users to support events like Digital India, Paris Attacks, Gay marriage legalization etc. by modifying their profile photo.

If you are a star wars Fan and using Facebook, then you can add a lightsaber to your profile picture. You can choose a blue one to be on the side of morality and positivity on the light side, or a red one to support dark side in the battle.

Choice is yours.

To choose your side, Go to Star Wars movie’s Facebook page, find the post saying “Change the profile picture to show you are a fan of Star Wars”, which was posted on the page yesterday. Or use this link to go to that post. You would see an option to change your profile picture if you are a star wars fan. Click on “Try It” button.


You can select the light side or the dark side and depending on your pick, you would get blue or red lightsabers on your profile picture. You can adjust the image by zooming in or out, there by changing position of the lightsaber on your photo. You can also set time limit to switch back to your previous profile picture like 1 hour, 1 Day, 1 Week or Never.

Meanwhile, check out news regarding red carpet premier of the movie, or watch the trailer.

No matter how much educated you are, how much strength you have, which side you’ve chosen is the only thing that is going to matter at the end!!

May the Force be with You.

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