Stop Windows Phone 10 from Installing Windows Insider Preview Builds

When Microsoft launched Windows Phone, there was nothing but a simple mobile platform, which came with limited apps and features. However, over the time, Microsoft has developed a brilliant OS, which is now very useful among all kind of people. Alike Windows 10 for PC, you can use Windows Phone 10 for any purpose. For example, you are a student and you want to get most out of this platform. You can simply download and utilize proper apps. The same thing can be done by a businessman, office employer, employee or anybody.

As of now, Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 8.1 and the development of Windows Phone 10 is going on since a long time now. It’s been more than a year since Microsoft has been developing Windows Phone 10 for consumers. Although, they haven’t decided any proper date to release the stable version of Windows Phone 10, but it will be launched very soon.

Windows Phone 10

Anyway, anybody having a Windows Phone 10 can install Windows Phone Insider Preview Builds. There are mainly two reasons, why you should install Insider Preview Builds on your Windows Phone. First, you will know the way how Microsoft is developing Windows Phone over the past couple of months. Second, you can get a huge amount of new features in Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview Build.

However, the problem is as it is a beta version, it contains few bugs and Microsoft knows about them. Sometime, some bugs can produce critical problems in your Windows Phone. Therefore, suppose, you have installed a particular build and Microsoft has launched yet another build. Now, you know that the latest build has some issue, what can produce a big problem in your mobile. So, you do not want to install the current preview build in your Windows Phone 10.

Nevertheless, the problem is your Windows Phone will update your mobile to the latest build because of the default settings. Therefore, if you want to stop Windows Phone 10 from installing Windows Insider Preview Builds, here is a solution.

Stop Windows Phone 10 from Installing Windows Insider Preview Builds

You do not have to install any third party tool or have any expert knowledge to get things done. This is very easy and available for any Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview Build user.

At first, open Settings and go to Update & Security.

Update and Security Settings of Windows Phone 10

Here, you can find various settings along with Windows Insider Program. Tap on that.

Windows Insider Program of Windows Phone 10

Here, you can find a button called Stop Insider Preview builds. Tap on that to open corresponding settings.

Stop Windows Insider Preview Builds in Windows Phone 10

Now, you need to select a time, when you want to turn that one again. You can select 1/3/5 days.

Time selection to stop Windows Phone 10 INsider Builds updates

Select that and tap on Apply button. That’s it! You are done.

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