Super Mario Run for Android Review

You can uninstall those unofficial Super Mario games from your phone now. Nintendo has launched the official Super Mario Run for Android, as their first mobile game.

If you are skeptical about installing the game for any reason, you can get the complete information here. In this article, I am going to give you a brief review of Super Mario Run for Android.

Let’s get started!

Super Mario Run for Android Review

super mario run

I have divided the review into different segments for your reading convenience. You can get to know the features by skimming through the subtitles.

·         The Gameplay

The gameplay is straightforward like any other Mario games. You don’t have to go through complicated controlling whatsoever. Even though Nintendo boasts the Android version is 2.0, I haven’t noticed any sole difference from the first version.

The renowned plumber Mario runs on his will. You can’t stop his running. Moreover, what you are supposed to do is making him jump. When some obstacles or enemies come your way, you have to let him make a quick hop or a high jump to avoid them. You should do the same to collect coins as well.

·         Free?? Yes. Premium?? Yes.

I know that’s weird. But that’s how Nintendo implemented the game. Of course, you can download the game for free. In order to get the complete hang of the game, you have to spend about $11.

The first three levels are free to play. And, you will get a tutorial to guide you in the process of playing Super Mario Run. Once you complete the three levels, you should pay the price. In case you choose otherwise, the only option is download another unofficial Mario game or start running all over again.

·         24 Levels

On the premium version, you get 24 levels as a whole, including the first three free levels. You may think that the single action (jumping) will make you feel bored of the game.

But no! The engineers have kept the game intrigued all over the levels. You will feel your heart skipping beats as you go to advanced levels. They have included different characters and settings for each level.

·         Beautiful Scenes

Most of the running games work on the basis of a set algorithm when it comes to scenes. As we go to advanced scenes, we can see similar scenes multiple times.

Needless to say, it will kill the pleasure of a gamer. On the contrary, Nintendo has worked hard to make each scene unique. You won’t see any repeating ambience unless you choose to play the level again and again.

·         Different Coins

Yeah, you can have different types of coins on Super Mario Run. Yellow, pink, and purple! Nintendo has nailed it.

As the game progresses, you will see difference in the color of coins. Moreover, you realize that it is harder to grab coins in the higher levels as well.

·         Always On Internet Connection

Super Mario Run connects to the server at the beginning itself. And, you have to keep the internet connection on all the time. If you disable the data connection or WiFi, the game doesn’t work.

Do you love hacking paid applications? Most probably, it won’t work here.

·         Data Hungry

Similar to what we saw with Pokemon Go, Super Mario Run also is a data hungry game. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on the usage if you use a metered connection to play the game.

Final Verdict

No doubt, playing Super Mario Run is fun, super fun, to tell the truth.

You won’t regret paying $11 to get your hands on the extra levels. So, what are you waiting for? Install the app now.

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