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Exclude Posts of Certain Categories From The Homepage Of A WordPress Blog

Blogs that are powered by the self hosted WordPress CMS often face a typical problem of hiding posts from the front page. There can be situations when you may not want to show specific posts on your website’s homepage. There are different techniques to exclude specific posts from WordPress homepage. This involves modifying the loop,

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Speed Up Mozilla Firefox 150x+ times

Have you ever thought of your most favourite browser loading pages 150 times faster than it did earlier ? Or using up a minimum part of your RAM ? I’m sure that makes you feel better.The ‘+‘ in the post title means x,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx times & the ‘x‘ mean digit/integer. Now follow the simple steps to

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Turn Off Auto Play on CD/DVD Drives and USB Storage in Windows XP and Windows7

Almost all versions of Windows operating system have a built in feature to automatically detect external storage e.g CD drives, DVD drives, removable USB storage or an external hard drive. Whenever you plug in a removable device, Windows starts scanning its files and pops in an autoplay dialog box. The auto play dialog box in Windows shows you a

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