3 ways to Manage WordPress Comments from Desktop

If you get a large number of comments in your WordPress blog you would prefer using a desktop tool to moderate WordPress comments. Here are some tools that let you approve, deny and delete the comments of your WordPress blog from desktop, without requiring the browser.

WordPress comment Client for Windows

This is the most effective way to manage the comments of your self hosted WordPress blog from desktop. It can create an archive of all the comments of your blog which you can read one by one.

Following are the steps involved to get started with the application :

1. Download comment client for WordPress and install it.

2. Go to the installation directory of the program and select the folder named “commentserver”. Upload this folder to your plugins directory via FTP. After that activate the Comment server WordPress plugin from the plugins menu.

3. Start the application and fill in your blog’s username and password.

Note : You must enable the XML-RPC protocol from your blog’s settings.

4. The application will then start to fetch all the comments one by one and save them in your computer locally.

You can approve comments, delete them and reply to comments right from this desktop client. Clicking on the moderate link will check for newer comments. You can even spam comments from desktop and blacklist certain IP’s.


As you can see, it works just like an email client and you can manage comments of multiple blogs using this tool. So if you have a couple of blogs that get quite a large number of comments everyday, this tool can be really useful.

Moderate WordPress comments using an Adobe Air app

Moderator is an adobe air application that let’s you moderate WordPress comments live from your desktop. You can approve and delete comments as well as mark them as spam. The application runs in the background and notifies you of pending comments from the system tray.

To get started with the app, just download the WordPress Moderator plugin and activate it. Go to the plugin admin page and you will have the complete instructions to download and use the adobe air application for moderating WordPress comments. (also see : Adobe air app for Google analytics).

The only downside is that you can’t edit the content of comments anyway. So if someone has posted a wrong link in the comment body, you cannot edit it using this application.

Moderate WordPress comments from Windows Live writer

You can manage the comments of your self hosted WordPress blog or your WordPress.com blog from Windows live writer itself. Using a live writer plugin you can read, approve, delete comments as well as mark comments as spam. However you cannot edit a comment from Windows live writer using this plugin. ( also read : Useful Windows Live writer Plugins)

Just download this plugin file and paste it in the Windows live writer plugins directory. Typically the windows live writer plugin directory is located at C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins.

Once the plugin is installed, open Live writer and hit the comment management link placed in the sidebar. A pop up window will open asking you the password of your blog. Type in the password with which you log in to WordPress and the comment panel will open showing the latest comments made in your blog.

From the comments panel in Windows Live writer you can approve pending comments, delete a previous comment or mark comments as spam. The plugin also supports custom fields so you can use it to post custom fields of your posts from live writer itself. (also see : How to post All in one seo entries from Live writer )

Which One to Choose ?

Now which desktop tool you should choose to manage the comments of your blog ?. if you get only a fewer comments then i think Windows live writer would be a good option as it does not require you to install another software in your computer. You get a central interface to write posts, manage comments etc.

If you have a couple of blogs and get a good number of comments daily, then the comment client for WordPress can be useful. It lets you manage comments of multiple blogs and you can archive all the comments and read them one by one.

If you want a simple application to approve comments from desktop then use the Adobe air app. It requires very low system requirements and can work in Windows, Linux or Mac.

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