A Desktop Tool to Take Screenshots,Upload them and Share the Shortened URL

Want to quickly share any screenshots with a short URL ? Tinygrab is just the tool you need.It is a desktop app to upload and share screenshots easily from Windows or MAC.

Download Tinygrab for Windows desktop or Mac.

To share your screenshots using Tinygrab,start the application and first register for an account.There are Free plans as well as premium plans available to suit your needs.

The free plan lets you upload and share 10 screenshots per day while the premium plan lets you upload unlimited number of images.If you register under the premium plan you can also organize your images in folders and upload images to a custom FTP server.

After the registration is complete, just start the application,take a screen capture and upload the image using Tinygrab.After the upload is complete Tinygrab plays a ding sound to notify that the upload is complete and the URL of the image has been shortened.The URL is immediately copied to your clipboard so you can share it instantly.

You can take screenshots of an active window,full screen or a custom area using Tinygrab.It also supports hotkeys so you have one more reason to try it out.You can also upload a custom image apart from uploading your screenshots.All images uploaded using Tinygrab is stored online in your Tinygrab account.By default the URL of the image is shortened using grab.by (see example)

All in all,Tinygrab is the fastest way to take screenshots,upload them and share the shortened link with anyone.


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