5 Best Task Manager for Windows and Alternatives

There are many times, when we cannot handle some running apps/tasks/processes manually or on our own. At such moments, we take the help of Task Manager that is a right companion for every Windows user, and that helps users find out some relevant information about the system as well as kill unwanted tasks. If you are using Windows 10, you might have already seen that you can manage startup programs using Task Manager without any issue. However, sometimes, this default or native Task Manager may not be enough for you. Therefore, check out this article where you can find best Task Manager alternatives for Windows.

Best Task Manager alternatives for Windows

1] MiTeC Task Manager Deluxe

Task Manager Deluxe

Task Manager Deluxe is a free Task Manager replacement for Windows that is available for Windows XP and all the way up to Windows 10. The user interface of Task Manager Deluxe is very simple, and all the options are well categorized. You can find seven different tabs like Processes, Services, Sessions, Autoruns, Network, Performance, and System. Every single tab comes with some helpful functionalities those will let you deal with background processes. From killing any task or check incoming/outgoing traffic – everything is possible using this app. Download

2] Process Hacker

Process Hacker Best Task Manager for Windows and Alternatives

Process Hacker is yet another free Task manager alternative for Windows that looks quite similar to the inbuilt Task Manager of Windows. However, it comes with a tree-view look that helps users to navigate a process quicker. You can Processes, Services, network, Disk, etc. tabs those will assist you to check background processes, CPU, RAM, GPU, Disk, etc. on one go. Process Hacker is a very easy to use program, and you can use it on Windows XP and later version. Download

3] AnVir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager

Although this is a premium software, the free edition does the job pretty well, which costs around $49.95. Talking about the features, you can have detailed information on any process running in the background. The security risk, startup location, status, resource usage, etc. will aid to find out whether you should kill that process or let it run as it has been. The UI of this tool is quite convenient, and you may not get any problem at all. Download

4] Daphne

Daphne Task Manager

Daphne is probably the minimalist Task Manager alternative for Windows, which shows almost everything what the native task manager does. That implies you will be getting all the running apps, processes, CPU usage, GPU usage, RAM usage, uptime, and so on. Killing an unwanted process is very simple with this tool. You just have to right-click on the process and hit the Kill button. Alternatively, you will get some other options to work with. Download

5] Glarysoft Security Process Explorer

Glarysoft Security Process Explorer

Glarysoft Security Process Explorer is yet another simple alternative to Windows Task Manager that allows users to check the running processes, kill them accordingly, check CPU usage based on programs, memory usage, block certain process, show detailed information about any running process, and more others. This is a free utility available for Windows XP and later version. The UI is quite similar to the Windows Task manager, and unlike other tools, you may not get any tree-view in this app. Download

There are certainly more other Task Manager alternatives for Windows. However, these are manually tested and confirmed the usefulness. Therefore, you can try them out and do let us know whether they are performing well or not.

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