Top 100 Most Popular Sites On The Internet

If you are using the internet, you should know about the sites that are ruling it. In this article, you are about to find the top 100 most popular sites on the internet. This following list is created based on the stat provided by Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, and Alexa.

For your information, Ahrefs is a company that detects and shows the estimated number of visitors a website. Although it shows more than that, that is what you should know about this website tool. SimilarWeb also measures the traffic details of sites. Alexa, on the other hand, shows a rank so that you can understand how popular a website is. You cannot use Ahrefs for free, but you can take a look at the free edition of SimilarWeb and Alexa in case you want to know about these following sites.

Top 100 Most Popular Sites On The Internet

Most popular websites

1] This is a search online, and people use it almost every day to search for various things.

2] YouTube is a video broadcasting website and the second-largest search engine in the world.

3] As you might already know, this is a social networking website constructed with millions of active users.

4] Wikipedia is a free source to gather knowledge about almost anything.

5] The Chinese giant of the internet.

6] A Chinese business-to-consumer website.

7] A photo and video sharing platform used by a few couples of millions of people.

8] The USA based online shopping giant and spread across the world.

9] It was the biggest internet search factory, but not anymore.

10] If you know Microsoft and have an Outlook/Hotmail account, you might know this site.

11] Best micro-blogging platform for the users.

12] Do you want to know a movie review? Check out this website as it is the most popular among many.

13] One of the most popular sites and competitors.

14] As the homepage says, this is the homepage of the internet. You might get some useful information about almost anything on this website.

15] Want to buy something, and you live in the USA? is the place you should know.

16] NYTimes: Start your morning with this news website as you might not find exclusive news better than this.

17] Another Chinese website with a lot of useful information for the world.

18] Do you want to know about the latest happenings in China? Sohu will help you in that case.

19] This a Russian social networking website with a countless number of daily active users.

20] Do you have an image to share? Pinterest is probably the best option – after Instagram.

21] Website for travelers to find the best tourist spots.

22] USA based online classifieds website.

23] Own an iPhone or iPad? This is the official website on that brand.

24] Want to get a job? Visit Linkedin to get possible job openings.

25] Find services or post your service to earn money.

26] Download and manage Android app, eBooks, games, movies, etc.

27] One of the biggest sports broadcasting company.

28] Get medical information online.

29] Popular news media company out there.

30] Find products that you want to buy.

31] Online classifieds site to buy or sell products.

32] Watch online movies, shows, etc.

33] Ask questions and get answers.

34] Website for Windows users – mainly.

35] Another shopping website.

36] Online dictionary website.

37] Popular news media company.

38] Check maps online.

39] Encyclopedia for gamers.

40] Online health website to find medical information.

41] As the name says, this is a news website.

42] Love cooking? It is for you.

43] Test your knowledge online using this website.

44] Going on a trip? Check the weather first.

45] Purchase desired products if you are in the USA.

46] Find the meaning of unknown words online.

47] Know about some media details.

48] Millions of websites are built with this CMS.

49] The official website or Firefox browser.

50] Know more about Adobe Reader, the PDF opener.

51] Share codes and open-source software here.

52] Like YouTube but a less visited site.

53] A CDN for website builders.

54] The popular cloud storage, Google Drive, website.

55] Instant messaging service like WhatsApp.

56] Content licensing website.

57] Another website like YouTube and Vimeo.

58] Get the most recent news from this British news publication.

59] The companion of online content creators to find images.

60] Another shared platform to share thoughts.

61] Domain selling platform.

62] Want to share some files online with friends? Use this website for free.

63] Another trusted news story publisher.

64] Send and receive funds online from anywhere across the globe.

65] Microsoft owned news website.

66] News website that you should check int he morning.

67] Find exclusive news apart from general happenings in various fields.

68] News website to find every kind of news.

69] US-based news publication.

70] Love the concept of IMDB but don’t like the interface? Check out this site.

71] As the name says, this is a news website.

72] Get health and medical-related news on your mobile.

73] Probably the most profitable online shopping website.

74] Book hotels, flights, etc. before going on a trip.

75] Official website of Internal Revenue Service of the USA.

76] Get the weather forecast before stepping your foot outside of your home.

77] Another blogging platform, and Google owns it.

78] Use this website to purchase Microsoft Office and OneDrive subscription.

79] Microsoft owned search engine like Google.

80] Free blogging platform like Blogger.

81] Find shopping vouchers and coupons online.

82] The official website of Disney shopping.

83] Very popular tech news and software download website.

84] The official website of the Bank Of America.

85] Want to save some money while shopping online? Find a suitable coupon here.

86] Learn new subjects online with Khan Academy.

87] It will help you live-stream your gameplay.

88] Listen to some beautiful music on Spotify.

89] The most popular website for look lovers to find new books and reviews.

90] Want to get a new home? This website will help you find one that suits your budget.

91] The official website of the popular cloud storage, Dropbox.

92] Want to use WhatsApp on your computer? Check out this website.

93] Submit your petition on this website.

94] One of the finest news websites available for internet users.

95] Countless companies are using Apache to develop new products. This is the website of that tool.

96] Like to know about space, stars, or new spacecraft? Nasa will let you know.

97] A list without a gaming site is incomplete, and this website fills that position.

98] The official website or one of the biggest telecom companies, AT&T.

99] After the death of, has become the most popular URL shortening website.

100] Want to watch a true-life story or inspirational video? This website will help you get one.

These are some of the most popular, visited, and useful websites on the internet. We didn’t follow any specific metrics while making this list. However, we did ditch adult sites to make it family-friendly.

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