Top 4 Must Have Apps for Linux

Linux is quite different operating system than Windows, and first time Linux users might get thousands of problems while moving towards that from Microsoft Windows. It doesn’t matter what Linux distribution you use, but few things remain same. For example, the installation processor or the user management or the Terminal. Not only that childish thing but also you can find quite similar ideology while using different Linux distribution. If you are moving from Mac, you might not get as many problems as a Windows user. However, to help the Windows or more specifically, first time Linux users, here are some very useful Linux apps those can help you with different things. Check out these must-have apps for Linux those are essential for any users.

Top 4 Must Have Apps for Linux

1] VirtualBox


Let’s assume that you have installed Linux, but you do not know anything about a good photo editing or video editing tool available for Linux. Or, suppose your favourite app is not available for your machine. Or, presume that you need to use Windows to test something. All those problems can be solved instantly with VirtualBox. Not only Windows but also you can install any other operating system virtually with the help of VirtualBox. Just get the corresponding ISO file and set it up accordingly. Do follow this link to download VirtualBox for Linux.



Wine is another very useful app available for Linux that helps users install Windows apps on a Linux machine. Ubuntu doesn’t work properly with a .exe file and instead, it works with the .deb file. Therefore, if you have a .exe file and you want to install it on Linux machine, you might get failed. To solve that issue, do use Wine. It will convert your .exe file and let you use that on a Linux distro. Use it only when you do not want VirtualBox. The advantage of Wine is you will get better stability than Virtualbox. Download

3] GParted


Following the Linux distro installation, you might want to create a partition or do other works with your unallocated spaces. GParted does something like the Disk Management of Windows. In other words, you can resize, copy, move partition without any data loss. On the other hand, you can delete the whole partition, change format (ext2, ext3 and so on) and do more. You must have to deploy at least 256MB of RAM. The important thing is you do not need to worry about the machine’s architecture. That means you can install it on 32-bit as well as64-bit of machine. Download

4] VLC Media Player


The in-built media players may not be able to play all the media files on your Linux machine. Therefore, you can try VLC Media Player out that will let you play almost any kind of media file. VLC is a very stable player with loads of customization tools. The best part is you can play audio as well as video using VLC media player. As VLC is an open source media player, you may get the source code as well from the official resource. VLC not only plays the video but also it comes with many hidden features. Download

There are certainly more other apps available for Linux. But, these are most useful, common and popular apps available for your Linux distribution. Hope they will help you to do different things.

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