Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools For Your Business

If you are building a business from scratch, you have every right to track the performance of your team members. No matter whether you have two people or twenty, you should follow every business-related activity of those members. There are several ways to get it done, and one of them is by using employee performance tracking tools. If you are looking for such a service, you should check out this article where you can find some performance monitoring tools for your business.

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

1] Workday

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

Workday is one of the best ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning tools available in the market. As an ERP, it includes almost everything for a company. You can plan everything from an HR or administrator perspective. Some of the big companies such as Airbnb, Netflix, TripAdvisor, etc. are using this service for their benefit. That implies how useful is Workday. It has a section called Analytics, where you can find all the details that you are looking for in this article. Although the official website of Workday has not stated anything related to pricing, they can charge a minimum of $100 per employee for a three-year contract. However, you should contact the sales team to know the exact rates. Visit website

2] Engagedly

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

The main goal of using an employee performance tracking service is to get more jobs done, and Engagedly can help you do that exact thing in your company. It comes with a lot of functionalities so that your team or you can set it up according to your requirements. Some of the features are real-time feedback, goal setting, social collaboration, employee surveys, rewards, online learning, and more others. Like Workday, you can find an analytics panel so that you can know how much of work has been done so far and who is on the top of the list. The user interface of Engagedly is pretty good so that a busy person does not need to spend a lot of time to understand the result. Visit website

3] Kissflow

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

Kissflow is known as the digital workplace, and it does what it means. The feature list is quite big as it offers some very essential options for businesses. Regarding some of the important options, you can find workflow management tool, process management, collaboration, project management, case management, Google Auth, SAML, reports, chat support, analytics, manual invoices, and more. The analytics will help you to know what is happening in your business and who is lagging behind others. They offer three different plans and pricing. The Small Business plan covers up to 30 employees, and you need to pay $199/month. The Growing Business plan covers up to 100 employees, and you need to pay $490/month. The last plan is called Enterprise, which doesn’t have any employee number restrictions, and you need to pay $1000/month. Visit website

4] Basecamp

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

Basecamp is for the businesses where the administrators need to more work done from the employees. This service has almost all the options to increase your business’s productivity. In other words, employees need to add their tasks in the list so that you can know what your people are working on. On the other hand, you can assign new tasks, ask them to do something more, etc. It comes with a message board, To-Dos, group chat facility, scheduling, automatic check-ins, and file sharing interface. The best thing is that you can use Basecamp for free if you have a tiny team. However, you need to pay $99/month only to get all unlimited features and 500GB storage. Visit website

5] UltiPro

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

UltiPro offers numerous modules so that small business owners can use it easily. The primary feature, tracking employee performance, is available in this service. Although it is a financing software, it can allow you to get much other different information about your employees. The best thing is automation. In other words, you can assign various things when certain filters match your criteria. The official website of UltiPro doesn’t show anything related to pricing, but it depends on the modules, the number of employees, etc. The only problem with this tool is the mobile app as several important features are missing in the mobile app, whereas the same things are available in the desktop software. Visit website

6] ReviewSnap

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

ReviewSnap is a dedicated performance management service for your business. This service offers a lot of functions so that you can apply different filters and reward the best employees in your team. Talking about the features, you can find online performance reviews, employee engagement, 360-degree feedback, performance notes, goal setting, reporting, and others. The goal-setting option will let you set tasks for team members to increase productivity. The pricing of ReviewSnap depends on the number of employees. For example, if you have ten employees, you need to pay at least $3496/year for the basic account. There is a Standard plan that comes with a good number of features, and it costs $3933/year. Visit website

7] Quandle

Top Employee Performance Tracking Tools

Quandle offers a lot of options at a very affordable price so that small business owners can start tracking their employee performance. The best thing is you can use it for free but with limited features. On the other hand, the paid version costs $2/month/employee, and it offers some convenient options. For example, you can track attendance, employee records, self-service, asset management, employee helpdesk, reports, visual analytics, and others. There are more other plans and the price increases as you add more modules. The only problem with Quandle is that you need to spend some time to understand the user interface and functionalities. If you do not have any prior experience, this is not recommended to opt for Quandle. Visit website

That’s all! I hope these employee performance monitoring tools will be helpful for you.

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