Top Two Most Innovative Keyboard Apps for iOS

If you are an iOS user, you might have tried various third party keyboard apps in this little span of time. The time is very little since Apple has given third party keyboard support on iOS 8 and later versions, which are quite new. We have previously introduced some most convenient third party keyboard apps for iOS 8. If you have noticed them or notice them minutely, you an find almost similar type of workflow in all of those keyboard app. However, today I am going to introduce two pioneering keyboard apps. Why are they better? Let’s check this yourself.

Top Two Most Innovative Keyboard Apps for iOS

Emojimo Keyboard

This is such a great third party keyboard app for iOS that will let you turn your regular text into emoji. If you are an instant messenger user, you might have already used numerous emojis. Actually, emoji is a great way to express your emotion. Emojimo Keyboard is a very light-weight keyboard app, which is compatible with iOS and later versions. On the other hand, you can get a better user experience on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus than other devices those are compatible with iOS 8.

Emojimo Keyboard

This free keyboard app will translate your texts into emoji in real time. For example, if you write I am feeling good, it will translate it into I am feeling :).

This is just a small example. Using of this app is very easy. You have two options to utilize  it. You can use either the real time translation system or the big emoji icon on your existing keyboard. The second option will help you to open the Emojimo Keyboard window and translate it, what has been typed. It is as simple as said.

Slated – Translation Keyboard

This is second and another very unique and innovative third party keyboard app for iOS. It costs $4.99 and this is available on iOS 8 and later versions. Alike aforementioned app, this is also optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Slated Keyboard for iOS

What it does is really awesome. You can translate your own native language into different languages and the translation is 95% correct. Although, you can face problems to translate your language into Indian languages, but it works perfectly in other languages. Slated has more than 80 different language support.

Sometime, we need to deal with an unknown language. At such an awkward moment, we have to translate an unknown language into our known language to communicate. But, failure rate of various real time translation apps is very high. This is where Slated comes in. You can simply make use of this third party keyboard app support from your native iOS keyboard. After installing it on your iOS device, you can find an additional globe icon on your keyboard. Just tap on it to start using it.

As it works alongside existing keyboard, you will get it at everywhere, including messenger, email and so on. You just need to select the desired language to convert into. On the other hand, you can use reverse translate. That implies, you can translate other language into yours and vice versa.


Both of the above mentioned third party keyboard apps are really great in terms of usability, usefulness and UI. You can use one keyboard to translate your text into an emoji and another keyboard to translate your language into another language. Hope both of them would help you a lot to communicate and deal with more people in a better way.

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