How to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone

Who doesn’t love music? Everyone likes to listen to his/her favorite song in a loop. Just, different people like different types of music. For example, some people like pop, some people like soft and some people like rock music all the time. Now, if you have bought an iPhone and now getting a problem to listen to your favorite music, here is a solution. This post attempts to help you to transfer music from PC to iPhone with and without using iTunes.

No matter whether you like rock, classical or soft, but if you will get some problems while trying to copy music from computer to iPhone. People would like to use the easiest method to do anything. It doesn’t matter, whether you want to transfer files from PC to PC or do anything else, but you should always opt for the easiest method that doesn’t require any expert knowledge – even though you have so.

Although iOS device aka iPhone and iPad comes with a USB cable, yet, it doesn’t work to transfer songs from PC to iPhone as you can only move pictures using the USB cable. This is a harsh truth. Apparently, you can download music from various resources including Apple Music, iTunes, etc. but, when it comes to transferring music from PC to iPhone, you would have to follow any of these following methods.

Transfer Music from PC to iPhone

This is very easy to put music on iPhone from computer. However, here are four different methods that you can use anytime to get your job done.


Transfer Music from PC to iPhone using iTunes

This is the most common method among all of them. It doesn’t matter, whether you have an iPhone or iPad, but you can certainly transfer music from PC to iPhone within moments. On the other hand, this is possible to manage your existing music with the help of iTunes. iTunes is available for Windows and Mac. In fact, you can get iTunes as an in-built app on Mac. In other words, iTunes is a media management app that is being developed by Apple Inc. Apple’s iTunes will let you manage your media files. It doesn’t matter, whether you want to transfer picture, music or movie, you can certainly do so by utilizing iTunes for Windows or Mac.

However, iTunes doesn’t work over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You would have to connect your iPhone using USB cable that is given with your iOS device. After plugging in, you need to make some changes. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to transfer music from PC to iPhone over iTunes. At first, open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Therefore, go to Summary tab and make a tick in the checkbox that says Manually manage music and videos. Now, don’t forget to save your settings after making that change. Therefore, open the Music tab and use drag & drop technique to move your music to your iPhone. You can find all the transferred songs in your Music app on iPhone.

Move Music from Computer to iPhone using AirMore

AirMore is yet another option that can be utilized to move music from computer to iPhone. AirMore is a freeware available for iOS and Android. In this case, you should know that iOS 8.0 and the later version is mandatory to install AirMore on your iPhone. Unlike iTunes, it does work over Wi-Fi. You will have to connect your computer and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. At first, do that and install AirMore app on your iPhone. Following that, go to and hit the button that says Launch AirMore Web to Connect. You can find it on the AirMore homepage. Then, scan the QR code. After that, you can upload your music by going to the Music tab. This is as simple as said.

Not only just music but also this is possible to move contacts, documents, apps, videos, photos, etc. using AirMore. The best part is you can transfer call logs as well as messages through AirMore. Download

Copy Songs from PC to iPhone using ShareIt

This is one of the best methods after iTunes when it comes to copying songs to iPhone from computer. ShareIt is the best free app that helps users to transfer files from one device to another device. There are much reasons why most of the people often use ShareIt over Bluetooth. That is because of having an amazing transfer speed. You can expect 4-5Mbps speed when transferring data from one device to another. Another good news is ShareIt app is available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

To move audio from computer to iPhone, you will have to install ShareIt on computer as well as iPhone. As mentioned before, ShareIt is a free app; there is nothing to lose at all. Therefore, install ShareIt and follow the respective screen to set it up properly. You may have to enter a name so that you can recognize your device quickly.

After that, open ShareIt app on your computer and mobile. Go to options and select Connect PC on your iPhone. Therefore, scan the QR code that is being displayed on your computer screen. Following that, you can move files from your computer to iPhone.

One thing you should keep in mind that moved music by ShareIt cannot be found in Music app on your iPhone. You will have to play them using ShareIt music player. This is the only drawback of this method. Download

Put Music on iPhone from Computer using Cloud Storage

This is a tricky but very useful method to put music on iPhone or iPad from PC. If you are a Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage user, you can certainly move your songs from computer to iPhone. As there are many cloud storages are available, you can make use of anyone of them. However, it would be good if you use Google Drive or Dropbox because they are fast and they synchronize files faster. Therefore, at first, you will have to upload your music from computer to your cloud storage. Then, download the respective cloud storage app on your iOS device and get that music on your mobile. This is very easy but bit tome consuming if you have a lot of songs.
Final Word
So, you can use anyone of these four methods to transfer music from PC from iPhone. As you have seen that this is very easy to get your job done. But you would have to choose the best method that works for you – though all of them are working.

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