Troubleshoot “The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed” in iOS 9

Although, iOS 9 comes with so many new features and more stability, yet, it also has few errors and other minor issues. People, who have upgraded to iOS 9, have claimed different types of problems with iOS 9. Some people have encountered with battery issues, when few people claimed that iOS 9 is eating their cellular data dramatically. However, today here are some solutions of another common problem that iOS 9 users are getting since past few days.

That is The last backup could not be completed while trying to backup iPhone to iCloud – the usual way. Some people have asserted that their iOS device has failed to backup their data since past few days. However, it has become a common problem because of different issues.

The actual problem is iPhone will start backing up your data but within a few couple of moments, it will be stopped for an unknown reason. Eventually, it will show an error message like “The last backup could not be completed”.

Troubleshoot “The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed”

There are several solutions. Different people have stated different solutions for them that worked smoothly. However, here are some of them, which have worked for most of the people.

Troubleshoot “The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed” in iOS 9

Check Your Internet Connection

The very first thing you can do is check your internet connection is working fine or not. As this backup process required valid internet connection, this is must to check whether your current network is working or not. If you are using Wi-Fi and have disabled Wi-Fi Assist, you would have to connect to your Cellular data manually. If there is any issues with internet connection, iCloud won’t create any backup.

If, your internet connection is working fine but still you are getting this issue, check out the following fixes.

Sign Out and Re-Sign In to iCloud

Sometime, it can be an iCloud issue. iCloud runs in the background from the first second after turning on your iPhone. It requires account credential to backup the data automatically. However, if you are getting the issue, what is mentioned above, you can sign out and sign in to iCloud again. This is a common solution of such issues. To do so, goto Settings >> iCloud >> Sign Out. After that, you can re-log in to iCloud.

However, before doing this, you should know that it will remove some data like Apple Pay. Credit Card details in your iPhone and more. If you are ready to store them all by spending 2-3 minutes, utilize this solution.

Delete Existing Backup

Although, this is quite dangerous but you can surely try this out if any other troubleshooter is not working for you. You can delete the existing backup and then try to backup again. For some users, this solution has worked great. Therefore, if the aforementioned solutions are not working, you can simply try this out. Generally, iCloud doesn’t create any conflict but sometime it can be. That is why this can be a solution as well. For doing so, navigate through Settings >> iCloud >> Storage >> Manage Storage. Choose the device that is not creating backup. Following that, tap on Delete Backup.

Alternative Way To Backup iPhone

If the three above-mentioned solutions do not work, you can either backup your device using iTunes or Reset your device. As Reset will erase all the data, when backup is not working and previous backup is unavailable, you should try this out. Just connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC and start doing so.

Restore iPhone

This is the very last solution. Those, who are still getting the same issue even after trying out all these things, can Restore their device to sort it out. You can do this from either iPhone or iTunes for PC or Mac. Just connect your device using USB and do that. On the other hand, if you want to Reset your device from the device itself, just navigate through Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings.

Final Word

Although, this particular problem is not software related issue, yet, the last solution works. However, before doing that, please try other solutions. Hope anyone of them will work for you.

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